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User:xcrazychica406 (84440)

(Say Hello,To The Girl,That I Am)
Ashley; Seventeen ; April Sixth; Senior ; Five Foot Zero; Brown Hair ; Brown Eyes; Italian Skin; Beautiful In Her Own Way ; Writer of Poetry ; Daughter ; Lover ; Best Friend ; Bitchy ; Intelligent When She Wants To Be ; Johnny Damon Fan ; Baseball Lover ; Gossiper ; Lazy ; Caring ; Smartass ; Sarcastic ; Jugemental

(The One's Who've Kept Me Here)
Lindsay ; Tammy ; Samantha ; Katie ; Krys ; Mike ; Georgia ; Kyle ; Erik ; Nikki ; Brian ; My Dad ; Shay ; "Skip" ; David & Lan ; Teresa ; Jenn ; Britt ; Giuliana ; Jimmy ; Matty ; My Mom ; Miss Lee ; 04-05 techies ; FL

(You Might Want To Think Twice)
Make Fun Of My Music ; Act Like A Total Idiot ; Break My Heart ; Lie To Me ; Mess With My Family ; Show Racist Qualities ; Treat My Friends Badly ; Show No Respect ; Act Like A whore ; Hurt Me ; Hurt Anyone I Care About ; Start Drama

(Music To The Ears)
Trapt ; Linkin Park ; 3DoorsDown ; Nickelback ; Billy Joel ; Eric Clapton ; James Taylor ; Tina Turner ; P.Diddy ; Mario Winans ; Jessica Simpson ; Mandy Moore ; Martina McBride ; David Corey ; Faith Hill ; Clay Aiken ; Kelly Clarkson ; Evanescence ; Britney Spears ; Christina Aguilera ; Vanessa Carlton ; Spice Girls ; Kenny Chesney ; Backstreet Boys ; NSYNC ; Michelle Branch ; Alanis Morrisette ; Hoobastank ; Reba McEntire ; DEPSWA ; JoJo ; 3 Days Grace ;Smile Empty Soul ; Good Charlotte ; Avril Lavigne ; Goo Goo Dolls ; Bob Carlisle ; Garth Brooks ; Ludacris ; Monica ; Kelly Osbourne ; Madonna ; Eminem ; Def Leopard ; Usher ; Elton John ; Wicked Soundtrack ; Avenue Q Soundtrack ; Musicals in General

(Friends Only)
This journal is no longerfriends only, that could change. It will stay public as long as I dont have to put up with a bunch of journal drama. Thanks, comment, and enjoy the journal.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:100: 3 doors down, 7th heaven, 8 simple rules, 9-11, advice, aim, america, angels, animals, avril, babies, baseball, basketball, biking, birthdays, blurty journals, britney spears, cats, cd's, chicken, chillen, chillin in linz's bathroom(lol), christina aguilera, clothes, computers, country music, dale earnhardt, dale earnhardt jr., david corey, dawson's creek, disney, dogs, downloads, ducks, eminem, emotions, erin brockovich, fall, family, foliage, food, friends, good charlotte, guyz, hearts, heaven, justin timberlake, kittens, learning new things, linz, little kids, love, lyrics, maffew, make up, matchbox twenty, motorcycles, movies, mtv, music, music videos, musicals, nascar, new york, online journals, parties, pasta, plays, poems, profiles, puppies, quotes, radio, randomness, reading, reality tv, relationships, rubber duckies, running, shania twain, shopping, shrimp, simple plan, skating, snow angels, snow boarding, soap operas, spiked hair, spring, stars, stuffing, summer, swimming, takin pics, talkin, terrorism, the moon, twin towers, web sites, writing
Friends:22: ashleigh131, blondiebabie727, blondii_xo, crazychica054, crazyirishkid, crazy_squerill, darkinsidemyhed, hella_quotes, just_dorkz, ledomiy_stella, lil_miszbehavin, sexxiechicka, sexy_stevo210, studd, stupid_ass, sweetestsinox, wanna_fxck, wanted_xx, xcute_honeyx407, xoirishflirt42o, xoxlonely86xox, xoxlonelyxox
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2003-02-01 21:54:46
Date updated:2006-03-07 15:34:18, 458 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:315
Comments:Posted: 1,152 - Received: 683
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