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User:xbr0wneyedbebex (194499)
Website:cArE t0 j0iN dA pArTy?
Location:Clifton, United States
Bio:-- INF0
Full Name: Jenna Lee<-- uGh Miller
Sex: 100% GuRL
Age: 14
Birthday: January 20
Siblings(name and age): Kristin [12]
Pets: yahh 1 fish .. im so deprived lol
Height: 5`7 i thinnkk
Eye Color: Hazel
Writing Hand: Righty
Current Residence: Clifton--NJ

Nervous Habits: i dunn0 i bite my finger nailz
Do you bite your nails: yahh lol ^
Do you pick your nose: No--Ewh datz gross
Are you double jointed: nahh
Can you roll your tongue: i dunn0 never tried heh
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time: Nope
Can you blow smoke rings: Never tried ..
Can you blow spit bubbles: noperzzz
Can you cross your eyes: Yeh
Tattoos: Not yet but s0metime hehe ;)
Piercings and where: Two in each ear--and my cartlidge <-- spelt wrong i think ..
Do you make your bed daily: nah i jus get in it the next nite whutz da sense lol

What goes on first, bra or underwear: bRa-ThOnG .. or vice versa .. it dont matta
Which shoe goes on first: Um--i dunn0 jEeZeE
Speaking of shoes have you ever thrown one at anyone: Yeh--Haha all da tyme itz funn try it!
On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet: hmmm i dunn0 different amountz
What jewelry do you wear 24/7: Earings nd my name plate which i love soooo much!!
Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great:fashionably late iD rather look g0od and be late den jus ok =]
Whats your favorite piece of clothing: th0ngzzzz!

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl it i love playing wit my f0od
Have you ever eaten Spam: No uGh wTf!!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Choclate Chip Cookie Dough--vAniLLa--yUmMmM
How many cereals in your cabinet: Alot--I love cereal
What's your favorite beverage: mOuNTaiN dEW c0DE rED -> iTS aBS0LUT fUN lMFAO!! =p
What utensils do you use to eat pizza hmmm two lil thingz i lyke to call my handz .. ;)--Haha
Do you cook: No--not unless i have t0o

How often do you brush your teeth: 2 or 3 times a day
How often do you shower/bathe: oNcE a day
How long does your shower last: dEpEnDzZzZ ..
Hair drying method: sCrUNCH w/ gEL oR bLOW dRY nD tHEN sTRaiGHTEN sM00tHLy!
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair: yep i get them done every two months theyre so purdy
Do you paint your nails: Yepp--i use to have them done but now there jus plain

Would you rather have genital herpes or be 50 lbs. over weight: uGh oVeR wEiGhT--hOw gRoSs!
Coke or Pepsi: cOcA-CoLa YuMmM tHE cAPTaiN cAN mAKE iT hAPPEN lMFAo!
Oranges or apples: Apples
One pillow or two: dEpEnDz oN tHa PiLLoW
Deaf or blind: Deaf--Haha u can still see
Pools or hot tubs: h0t tubz there g0od f0r ... ;)
Tall or short: --tALL .. sTrOnGeRrR nD p0WERfUL
TV or radio: tV bUT rADiO iN tHE cAR
Beach or pool: p0OL mY iNGR0UND oNE wiT a DiViN bOARD 2 bE eXACT ;]
Tic-Tacs or Certs: tiC tACS bReATHE fRiENDLY =]
Snooze button or jump out of bed: sNoOzE hEhE
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset s0o0o0o pRETTYYY!
Hamburger or Cheeseburger: cHeeSsE-burger . tHE bEST r fRUM cHECKERS riTE liNDZ lMFAO
Morning or night: Night--pArTaYy nD buLLsHYT!
Sports or news: Sp0RTS wHUT tEEN wATCHES dA neWS bESiDES c0MPuTER gEEKS &tEACHAs pETS!
Bikini or one-piece: Bikini--uHoH uHoH ;]
Indoors or outdoors: DePeNdZ oN dA wEATHEr!
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day: eVe So MuCh fUn
Cake or ice cream: Ice Cream CaKe .. u gEt boTh
Bert or Ernie: hMmM nEiThEr I lOvE cOoKiE mUnStR
Spicy or Mild: sPiCy--cHa ChA cHa
Spearmint or Peppermint: n0NE . wiNTERFrESH
Call or Write: Call oV cOuRsE
Peanut Butter or Jelly: pEaNuT bUtTeR
Hamburger or Hot Dog: HamburgerRr
Dog or Cat: DogGiEz I lOvE dEm aWwW nD pUpPiEz
Bath or shower: Shower although a bath iz c0ol t0o
Book or Movie: Movie ugh i hate to read most of da tyme hehe .. ohh so boring .. bLaHhHh
Green or Red apples: Green SoUrR [hAh aPPLE mARtiNiS] dEY r s0O bANGiNNnn!!!
Rain or Snow: sNoW--No ScHoOL oN sNoWdAyZz
Nike or Adidas: Nike jUs Do It .. =)

Took a shower: tOdAy iN dA m0RNiN b4 sCH00L
Watched Bambi: Eh--LoNg TyMe AgO
Cried: Two days ago? i ThInK
Talked on the phone: tOdAy--sTEPhANiE<33bF4L
Read a book: hMMMMm nEvVEeRrrr!!?? LoL iDK!
Punched someone: hMmMm .. mY siS 2DaY wEN sHE piSSeD mE oFF nD wAs bEiN aNN0YiN!

Hugged:kATHY-->wEN sHE lEFT t0 g0 h0ME nD w0RK cLARA bART0N o0pZ i MeAN w0RK oN lMa0!
Talked to: mY mOmMiE sHe JuS hANDED mE mY cL0THeS fRUM tHE cLEaN lAUNDRy piLE! LoL
Kissed: hMmMm .. kATHY g0ODbYE wHEN sHE wAS lEAViN mY h0USE 2 niTE! <33 s4L!
Cuddled With: hMMmMm aN uNMeNti0NeD nAME wHiLE wATCHiN tHE m0ViE kiDS @ hiS h0USE, i wiSH i wAS iN hiS aRMS riGHT noW! =/
Yelled at: mY siS sHE iS s0 fXKKiN aNN0YiN bR0!!!!

Where do you see yourself in ten years: dRiNKiN nD pArTYiN nD cLUBBiN bC iLL bE lEGAL bY tHEN! yAHHhHhH bAbYyYy! =D
Who are you going to be married to: mR.rIgHt-i WisH-i think everyone doez =\
How many kids: i dUnNo I gUeSs 584769393 lol ;)

Do you swear: YeAh WhO fUXKiN dOeSnT .. lMa0
Do you ever spit: yEpP .. iTz UnLaDyLyKe..oHwEllLL

Actor/Actress: cHRiStiNA miLLiAN + niCK cANN0N wHATTA bANGiN aSS m0ViE!! dEy R s0O h0TT!! nD nO iM nOT bi BuT cOmE oN n0W u g0TTA aDMiT iT!
Animal: Puppyz aWwWw--oHhH sO cUtTeEe!!
Food: i LoVe PiZzA oR cHiCkEn FiNgErZ oHhHhH!!
Month: Summer months wHeN dErEz No sChOoL nD LoTz Of pOoL pArTiEz .. ohh s0o funnn
Day: fRiDAYS dERE s0 fUN . u cAN uSUALLY fiND mE aT bREAKERS, cOMM0NS, oR fUN&gAMES oN a fRiDAY niTE! c0ME sEE mE 0NE niTE LoL! =]
Cartoon: Dunnos dont watch emmmm!
Subject in school: hAhA! mR.C's cLASS bUT oV cOUrSE miCr0S0FT bEGiNERS! wE d0 oH s0 mUCH wERK iN hiS cLASS hAhA n0TTTT!! sO mUcH fUN!
Color: piNk oR bLUE oR bLaCk oR rED i gUESS yU cAN sAY i LyKE aLoTTA cOLORS! oH weLLLLLLL?!
Person to talk to: Neone who listens to my bitchiness .. plus my closest friendzz .. uKwUa<33
Body part on you: ?? hMmMm .. i GuEsS mY bUtT
Body part on the opposite sex: aBs aND a niCE aSS .. aLs0 eYES l0L .. w0ot

The CD Player: rAp--r&b-sOmE pUNK
Person you talk most on the phone with:kAtHy 24/7
Ever taken a cab: YeAh .. aLoT aCtUaLLyYy
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors: yEaH sO sElF cOnCiEnCe =(
Do you use an alarm clock: N0pE -- i g0T mY oWN pERS0NAL oNE caLL'D a m0M eVERY m0RNiN rOUN 6:25 t0 wAKE mE nD i cAN pUT hER oN sN00Ze s0 i NeVER eVER oVERSLeEP LmFAO! <33
Name one thing you are obsessed with: gUYS, LiPGL0SS, tiGHT pANTS, eYELiNER, dRiNKiN..oOpZ tHATS mORE tHEN oNE iSNT iT?! hAHA oH wELLLL
Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex: nOpE .. bUt By MySeLf
Ever sunbathed nude: nAh bUt My tOp WaS uNduN

What's your sleeping position: jUst oN mY bAcK oR sYdE--hUgGiN bRuNo mY bEaRrR!! i LuV hiM <33
What kind of bed do you like: a SoFt MaTrEsSs!!
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket: YeAh, bUT dERES uSUALLY nUTTiN bUT mE uNDER iT! ;]
Do you snore: Nah nOt DaT i KnOe Of
Do you sleepwalk: Nope nEvEr
Do you sleep with a stuffed animals: bRuNo--pBeAr
How about with the light on: NoPEeE
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on: tV iZ aLwAyZ oN wHeN i FaLL aSlEeP

What is the nicest thing a guy could do for you: Hold me nD teLL mE hE LoVeS mEeE!! <33 iNu
What do you look for in a guy: sENSE oF hUMOR, eYES, cUTE, fUNNY, c0NFiDENT, g00D kiSSER, sHALL i c0NtINUE? oHH YES! nD a NICE aSSS!! LoL
What is the first thing you notice when you look at a guy: Eyes nD bUtT --->> wHaD cAn I sAyYyY LoL
What do you think of cheating: hMMMM i dUNNO i sAY hATE tHE pLAYA dUN hATE dA gAME!
Makeup. Should we have to wear it or not: yEsSsS.. i AlWaYz Do eYeLiNeR, MaScArA, eYeShAdOw, nD LiPgl0SS !! =]]] gOtTa LooK gOoD!
2 kN0E b0UT mE 4n0W LoL! <33 jENNA xOx
Interests:31: allie, allison, anika, chelsea, christina, coleen, daisy, dan, danielle, debbie, emily, erika, etc, gabz, jason, jay, jess, kathy, kyle, lindsay, mike, mo, nikki, ramon, randy, samantha, scott, stephanie, steve, suzanne, yates
Friends:24: addmedamnit, attitude_, babiexgurl, bbygirl, brittuhhknee, caitlin, capri, crazii4you, dacatsmeowx15, daicee, deprieved, drinkingdivas, errip0o, hotornot, hot_and_sexy, hulahula, kiss_xo_me, mishelay, missyou_ido, xobabiiox, xohsosweetx, xred_bloodx, xred_kittiex, xsecret
Friend of:13: brittuhhknee, crazii4you, dacatsmeowx15, errip0o, kiss_xo_me, mishelay, playgrl69, potato_sticks, xlilshawty825, xohsosweetx, xprincess51991, xred_bloodx, xred_kittiex
Member of:4: addmedamnit, drinkingdivas, hotornot, hot_and_sexy
Account type:Early Adopter

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