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Below is user information for lilsh0rti. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xberryblondex (24896)
Bio: hey everyone, i'm xberryblondex. welcome to my info hehe.

what she likes
people who are: for real, scented candles, hot showers, sleeping, shopping, cuddling, my friends, my family, my doggie, hot chocolate, snow, the beach, warm weather, hugs, good grades, pretty eyes, smiles, helpfulness, strawberry margaritas, dancing, laughing, poetry, my computer, days off from school, the lakers, pjs, fuzzy slippers, blurties and my blurty friends, getting comments and everything else on my interests

what she doesnt
people who are: phony (gRr), mean, arrogant (especially when the shouldn't be), rude, snobby, annoying, etc. bananas or anything that smells like them, the smell of smoke, homework, posers, guys who think they are players and guys who actually are, moodiness, mangos, lying, people who have too many inside jokes and mention them every five seconds, waking up early, bad hair days, bad days in general, not being able to fall asleep, broken hearts, back-stabbers girls who flirt with people they shouldn't, and a bunch of other things ;)

what's her sign?
aw she's a LiL leO-impossible to miss, since leo's love being center stage. Making an impression is huge because they are very charismatic and ambitious. Their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. It's quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since they never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. ((haha that is so me. *sort of* lol))

what was up with that whole britney thing?
well first of all, the very first concert i ever went to was a britney spears concert, back in the day when she was in braids and the lil schoolgirl outfit. she has some really good music "BOYS" and some really bad music such as "OOPS". (which in a way is a perfect name for her song, cuz that song was just a big mistake. lmao.) she's very purrty if you haven't noticed, and personally i think shes very talented/adorable haha, so if you were wondering "what was up with her hella hot britney layout, and all those hella sexy icons?" now you know. ;]

what are her favorites?
animal : doggies
fruit : strawberries / peaches
actor : tom cruise
movie : remember the titans
singer : eminem and britney
song : lose yourself / boys
store : guess /abercrombie
fastfood : subway / in `n out
candybar : twix
colors : pink / light blue / lavender
tv show : American Dreams
makeup item : lip gloss
gurl name : kate
guy name : kevin

my gifts

luv to larissa

i feel you gurlie :\ <3

my awards

*i have left most award communities and took down all awards i have received. im not into them anymore - and you shouldn't like me because of any awards i've received.*

my blinkies
adopted - or otherwise received:

okay, so now everyone has a better understanding of me. maybe later i will put a picture on here, but that may be a while. gotta watch the privacy thing too, ya know? anyways, i will add more to my bio later, but for now i hope you enjoyed it. xO
Memories:5 entries
Interests:55: abercrombie and fitch, acting, adidas, aol, basketball, beach, being comfy, britney, chocolate, christmas, clothes, cords, cuties, dancing, dogs, eating, eminem, eyeliner, flirting, friends, gum, guys, hot chocolate, hugs, icecream, jamba juice, laughing, legally blonde, lip gloss, love, makeup, manicures, movies, mtv, music, parties, paul walker, phone, pictures, props, puppies, purses, relaxing, shopping, singing, sleeping, smiling, snow, starbucks, strawberries, swimming, watching tv, wondering, working out, you
Friends:16: babyxxerin, cuuteness, daydreamz, dezirable, jlowannabetat, mernpatforever, peaches_o5, positively, whoregasm, wildchildx0x, wordsareweapons, x0oallryanso0x, xberryblondex, xjustme, _caitrs, _sporty
Friend of:46: babyxxerin, bitch_licious, blondiiexbabii, blushing_, bo0tiful_singer, clean, cuuteness, daydreamz, de_ception, facetious_, flirtation, heroic, hookers_, iceangel, icy, infatuation_x, infinite_dream, jlowannabetat, jordus, leqally_blond, mernpatforever, peaches_o5, piinkglitter, pink_thongz, positively, pro_hoe, sip_bacardi, studd, sultry, sunkisn, suqariness, sweet_fantasies, thilly, truly_lovely, whoregasm, wordsareweapons, x0oallryanso0x, xberryblondex, xobsessionx, xx_addicted_xx, xx_p0ptarts, _beeutifull, _caitrs, _lauren, _meek, __beach
Member of:3: hot_or_n0t, icons_, icon_makers
Account type:Early Adopter

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