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Below is user information for Chris Marie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xbabychrisx (140770)
Name:Chris Marie
Website:my homepaqe
Location:Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:lylknock0ut (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 297681541 (Add User, Send Message)
Interests:149: 106 and park, 50 cent, abercrombie, abercrombie kids, abyss, adidas, angel ((perfume)), aol, armani exchange, ashanti, ataris, avril lavigne, b2k, baby blue, baby pink, bcbg, beach, bebe, bet, bikinis, blink 182, blue, bow wow, boys, britney spears, bubbles, burberry, burgerking, candy, carmello, cellphone, cheerleading, chillen with friends, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, christina aguilera, clothes, clubbin, coheed and cambria, computers, concerts, cookies, cosmopolitan, curve, cuties, dancing, dashboard confessional, derek jeter, dkny, eating, ecko, eminem, everybody loves raymond, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fendi, flip flops, freddie prinz jr, frenchfries, friends, glitter, good charlotte, great expectations, gucci, gum, gummy bears, gym class hehe, hairspray, hollister, hot pink, hotties, hugs, ice cream, jagged edge, jarule, jellybellies, jlo, joey from friends, josh hartnett, kate spade, kisses, kool aid, lancome, laughing, lavendar, lil mo, lilo and stitch, lime green, lip gloss, lipstick, lolita lempika, lotion, louis vuitton, love, mac, magazines, magenta, makeup, mall, mcdonalds, mest, mountain blue code red, movies, mtv, music, my vibrating spongebob, nelly, nfg, nike, pepsi blue, pheobe from friends, pictures, pink starbursts, prada, profiles, quotes, ravioli, red, roses, rufio, runnin, shane west, shoes, shopping, silver, simple plan, six flags, sparklez, sprite remix, stars, starting line, steve madden, sum 41, summer, taking back sunday, telephone, tiffanys, trina, trl, tumbling, twix, unsolved mysteries, usher, walking, watchin tv, will and grace, yankees, yellow, yellow card
Friends:61: 0bsessi0n, allie_, anarchy_, anthonyxc7, ashiecakes113, babypink_xo, bootyfulk, cake_or_death, caressings, charmedbaby, cr4cker, crazychica054, crazy_rush_04, dickies, dramatized0, drowning_away, emxxxdream, fuck_shellie, guitar, heartbreakr892, hotpinkchucks, huqsxoxkissez, jermz_8_it, kandi_raver, kelky, kifo_xo, lecturer, lilxcutie, lucky_fcuk, lxbabykissezxl, melaniie, passi0nate_kiss, punkbaby, sexxieniqqa, shibby, shiningstarbabe, silent__x, simpliidazzlinq, singalongsong, sopranobaby84, sped_bunny420, starryeyedfreak, strawberrii_, sweetandsexy, sweetheartxo, tease_meeh, tiickle_me_punk, wishngonastar, xd0rkus58, xflirtx1120x, xjustme, xlilstarrbx, xlittlechikax, xoangelox, xxbabilissaxx, xxcrazziigiirlx, xxdreamer143xx, xxlilbeybixx, xxprettygrlxx, xx_poseur_xx, _calla_
Friend of:15: cake_or_death, crazy_rush_04, dramatized0, kelky, lilxcutie, lxbabykissezxl, passi0nate_kiss, starryeyedfreak, strawberrii_, sweetheartxo, wishngonastar, xlittlechikax, xoangelox, xxcrazziigiirlx, _calla_
Account type:Early Adopter

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