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Below is user information for Avril Lavigne. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:xav_lavignex (150059)
Name:Avril Lavigne
Website:role model
Location:napanee, ontario, Canada
AOL IM:canadian lavigne (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i'm from napanee, ontario for those who don't know that's in canada. i'm a musician i've been playing with my band since i was 16 and singing since i was 2. Anything else you want to know about just ask.

[i'm not really avril...this is fake, i repeat this is fake]
Interests:15: canadian bands, gob, good charlotte, hangin out, music, playin guitar, punk bands, rocker and skater boi's, simple plan, singing, skateboarding, sum41, ties, treble charger, writing music
Friends:79: aar0n_, adri_l, anais_f_lameche, ashlee_simpsonx, barely_ash0lsen, benjii, benji__m27, blair_, bull_mod, chels_brum, chuckles, chy_ler, clarkson__kell, daveigh, dave_ballz, david_sp, deloach, dirrty__xtina, emily_vancamp, emmers_w, erin_xo_tanner, greg__smith, g_rap, halochick_ging, hilaryduff_, its_billym, jayy, jdhs_aguilera, jd__adams, johannaxsahara, justified_mr_jt, j_alba, j_berfield, j___dewan, j___simpson, kate___hudson, katiecassidy, kelly_osbourrne, k___caldwell, l0vat0_matt, lalaine, lick_me_linds, made_madden, made_man_benji, manda_panda, mandy2remember, matty_boy, maybe_randy, nate__barcalow, ns_angie_baby, playgurl_rosie, play_anna_h_s, r0le_model, rm_mod, shelli__white, slave_x_britney, spikes_judita_w, spit_morgan, sp_pierrebou, tamyra__g, the_torry_c, total_bull, xangelcarter_, xav_lavignex, xlil_miss_dx, xnaughty_nickyx, xxmandyxmoorexx, yum_paris, _deryck_whibley, _jere, _jesse_m, _mest_tony_, _mk_, _natemathers, _pundik, _spears_brit_, _tashaevin, _tr0usdale_, __gyllenhaal
Friend of:6: briebrielarson, chuckles, clarkson__kell, sp_pierre_b, xav_lavignex, xryanstarrx
Member of:1: rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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