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User:xander6464 (218287)  
Location:Rock Island, Illinois, United States
Bio:My name is Greg, I live in the Quad Cities (Davenport and Bettendorf, IA and Rock Island and Moline, IL). I'm in the Rock Island portion of it.
My passions include reading, music, travel, the paranormal, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and cats (I'm pretty sure I was an ancient Egyptian in another life).
My favorite music is the Beatles. I love Ouija boards, cemetaries, ghosts and anything else unexplained or spooky. My favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins and Stephen King. I have two cats, Max and 99....oh, I should have mentioned that another of my passions is comedy and one of my all time favorite series was Get Smart.
I have always, with no success, wanted to be a writer. To that end, I have created another journal called xanfic6464 just for my fiction. It's on my friends list.
If you're still interested in knowing more, just read my journal and eventually all the gaps will be filled.

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Memories:24 entries
Interests:79: aleister crowley, angel, astral projection, astrology, australia, automatic writing, avril, beatles, beer, books, boston, buffy, california, cats, classic rock, clive barker, comedy, dead like me, doug adams, existentialism, faith, family business, fan fiction, frank zappa, gambling, george harrison, ghosts, golden dawn, grim reaper, horror, humor, john lennon, key chains, kurt vonnegut, las vegas, led zepplin, lenny bruce, london, lucid dreaming, magick, mysteries, new england, new york, ouija, paranormal, past life experiences, paul mccartney, penn and teller, philosphy, reading, remote viewing, ringo starr, rod serling, roller coasters, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, seinfeld, sex and the city, slayers, slot machines, spirits, stephen king, stonehenge, stones, stripperella, tarrot, the doors, the pyramids, the simpsons, thelema, time travel, tom robbins, travel, tropical islands, ufos, vampires, witchcraft, writing
Friends:9: angelhag, blondemuse3, charmed_writer, crazylady, gavroche34, hariscruff, lcooper629, minky127, peninhand
Friend of:21: angelhag, angelicwhispers, bibliomane1970, blondemuse3, buffalogal, crazylady, dianagarland, galliccarnation, gavroche34, jeanai, lapipelette, lcooper629, libbyhodges7, michaelasnavy, minky127, monpoussin, nebride, shadowofessence, silverflames, xanfic6464, zedral
Member of:2: hariscruff, inkblotz
Account type:Free User

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