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Below is user information for Bianca. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:x__barbii (933998)
Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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♥ I'm ♥ Bianca ♥

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James ♥

you mean so much to me

and every minute i spend with you makes me fall more in love with you

the times i share with you

are unforgettable

i wanna spend forever with you

we pinky promised we would be together forever

and i stand by that promise

because being with you makes everything feel perfect

i love you so much

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likes to dance to dorky music in her underwear

obsession with piercings! pierced x7 ears, navel, nose, labret && tongue :)

I have a boyfriend ♥ I Love Him more then words can explain ♥

15 years young

very random at times

colors make her world so pretty <3

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sometimes i like to dance like that robot <3 hes pretty radical

obsession with makeup ♥

there is a pot of gold over the rainbow

had the privelege to go to the gay pride parade

love piercings && tatoos

i kiss girls and boys.. its called experimentation DUHH

I love people that listen to my problems && help & comfort me

.im supersonic,hipnotic,funkiefresh.

I like big sunglasses

i jump up and down when something excites me

yeah i know im radical


I fall in love way to easily

im very EMOtional

i love experimenting with my style

likes to play && dance in the rain

i like to look at the stars :) their ever so pretty

i know what its like to be in love <3

i know what its like to have a broken heart </3>
we all make mistakes.. but we learn from them

i love photbooth pics ♥

i love to draw on my wall

im a camera whore

i love my friends and would do anything for them

I'm easy to talk to && a trustworthy person

I have many regrets

your never to old to have fun at the park

im just a teenage dirt bag

thats pretty much the girl ♥

Interests:47: alcohol, being alone, bi-sexual, boys, bubbles, cellphone, clubbing, cuddling, dancing, digital camera, emotion, fashion, foreplay, friends, girls, holding hands, hot tubs, hugs, humor, ipod, james, kissing, late walks, love, makeup, movies, msn, music, parks, partys, pictures, piercings, romantic, sex, singing, sleeping, stars, styling, surprises, swimming, tatoos, teasing, vacations, walks, webcam, weed, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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