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Below is user information for Samantha. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:x0xsamanthax0x (489506)
Location:West Haven, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:whbabii (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:chocolatechip424 (Add User, Send Message)

Mii So-CaLl3d lyF3

My name is Samantha Golebiewski, but everyone either calls me Sam, Sammi, Samminess, Sammers, Samish, or Miss Samantha. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 4`11, and live in West Haven, Connecticut, repp`n up the 2ho3rd. I go to WHHS. My birthday is 9`15.

My journal is `Friends Only` but, if I know you, then I will add you, and if you don`t have a journal, then make one because it is free, and because I said so.

You can reach my via internet by way of:
Aim ` whbabii
Email `
Yahoo IM ` chocolatechip424

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

Interests:133: 1980s, 3t, 7th heaven, abercrombie & fitch, aeropostal, america, american, american eagle, anna nicole, anna nicole smith, applehead, arnold horseshack, bad, beat it, beverly hills 90210, big mike., bill cosby, billie jean, black, black hair, blanket, blinkies, boys, brian austin green, britney spears, bruce springsteen, bubbles the monkey, california, cappichino, captain eo, carol potter, carrigan, cds, cheerleading, cher, coffee, coke, computers, dancing, dangerous, daniel smith, diet soda, dirty diana, draco malfoy, dvds, eating crayons, expresso, fedoras, freddie "boom-boom" washington, gabe kaplan, gabe kotter, gavin, gheri curls, gloves, gold pants, harry potter, hawaiian day, history, howard stern, hula skirts, ice tea, indiana, invincible, j5, jackets, jackie jackson, james eckhouse, janet jackson, jason priestly, jennie garth, jermaine jackson, joe jackson, john travolta, juan epstien, karen culkin, katherine jackson, killing osama, latoya jackson, lisa marie prestly, liz taylor, luke perry, macaulay culkin, madonna, marlon jackson, me, michael jackson, mike, mikey, mj, mjj, never-never land, neverland, neverland valley ranch, new carpeting, not cleaning my room, off the wall, pajamas, pants, peter pan, pizza, plastic surgery, prince michael joseph jackson, punky brewster, pyt, randy jackson, rebbie jackson, red, salt, shannon doherty, shopping, slytherin, smelly, snapple, star spangled banner, starbucks, tempsette bledsoe, the anna nicole show, the cosby show, the jackson 5, the jacksons, thriller, tinkerbell, tito jackson, tom felton, tori spelling, tremors., usher, vh1, vinny barberino, welcome back kotter, wrestling, wwe, wwf
Friends:6: retards_are_gay, x0xrachaelx0x, x0xsamanthax0x, xjellibeanx, xk_baby, xoxanniexox
Friend of:6: retards_are_gay, x0xrachaelx0x, x0xsamanthax0x, xjellibeanx, xk_baby, xoxanniexox
Member of:1: adorkiful_babes
Account type:Free User

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