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Below is user information for M e L i S s A. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wut_a_nut_413 (649777)
Name:M e L i S s A
Location:413, Massachusetts, United States
Bio:--» ♥ WHO'S THAT GiRL?! `* my names Melissa or melizzle either one .. my birthday is On AuG.14 and i`m 14 yrS Old right nOw. i live in SPFLD, maSS where there are numerOus amOuntS of ricans and black peOple. but its OkAy. theres sOme white people too. yippee. My man is DENNIS <3 and weve been goin out for 3 months now... <3

--» ♥ WHAT i LiKE TO DO `* i like to hang out with my friends. i like to go to the movies, shOp, go to the maLL, 6 flagS, watch FULL HOUSE (thats the shit), hang out wit the friendS, basically jus chill...

--» ♥ WHAT i'M CRAZY ABOUT `* ohh.. long list. here it gOeZ: eMiNEm, marOOn 5, all american rejects, DaShboArd CoNfeSSIOnAl, hatebreed, 50 cent nigga, ashton kutcher, LiNkin PaRk, less than JaKe, bLink 182, bOx car RacEr, black, AtAriS, florida, caLi, StaInd, skaters, skatinG, takin BaCk suNDay, tRl, aOl, clothes, choKing VictIm, jUstin tiMbaLaKe, luDacriS, britney SpEArs, chrIstina AguIlerA, muSic, teLLy, cell fonEs, puNk, uPtowNs, earrings, hOt guyS, jOurNals, my frienDs, peOple, haIr, maKeup, nO dOuBT, how can i forget EVANESCENCE??<333, sMile empty sOuL, pink, bLue, piercings, punk, red, skaters, skating, staind, taking back sunday, trl, websites, tHuRsDay, the OsBouRnEs, sOoOo much more...

--» ♥ WHAT i LOATHE`* i hate LIARS!!, cheaters, wiGGeRs, waNnA bE's, purple, white hair, rippeD jeanS, skIppIng cdS, faKeS, beEr, nsync, Boybands, and two faced bitches!!!
Interests:103: 6 flags, aim, apple sauce, ashton kutcher, bikes, black, bling bling, blue, boyfriends, britney spears, california, candy, cars, cell fones, cky, clean, clothes, cut, d12, dcs, diamonds, driven, dude wheres my car?, eminem, erica, evanescence, eyeliner, florida, food, friends, full house, glue, godsmack, guys, hatebreed, hoobastank, hot oil, hurt, i love the 70's, i love the 80's, icecream, icons, jeans, jewelry, journals, juliana theory, justin timberlake, kittys, knock first, layouts, love, lucuna coil, magazines, mail, makeup, malibus most wanted, mall, movies, mtv, music, neckalces, offspring, ozzfest, ozzy!!, pain, paint, pizza, poems, poetry, popcorn, posters, quotes, red, scissors, screenames, seventeen, sex!, shoes, showers, simpsons, skateboards, skaters, smile empty soul, sneakers, something corporate, south park, sports, staind, static lullaby, switched, telephones, the early november, the gas station, the nets - amy, the osbournes, three days grace, traveling, tv, websites, willy wonka, working out, yellowcard, ym magazine
Friends:10: blurtylayouts, chadmm_designs, dark_love, emolyrics, graphix_, my_vintageheart, pieces_mended, rockmysocks, screamn_4sumthn, xotrudivinityxo
Friend of:1: pieces_mended
Member of:3: chadmm_designs, emolyrics, graphix_
Account type:Free User

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