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Below is user information for Kittie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:worst_mistake69 (878395)
Website:KiTtEns LaIr
Location:Virginia, United States
AOL IM:SexEkitE666meow (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:PlayFulevilkitten (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Hello children..
I am breaking down this pictures broken...I am on medication. Some people are scared of me I currently go to a boarding school I don't live at home anymore! Wahoo. Oh I like SLIPKNOT ORGY DYING FETUS EVERGREEN TERRACE!DEADSY!!!! HOOT RAH oh i'm really random I am obcessed with Rubber Chickens! Uhh my room is called Mushroom land. My nicknames are kitty,kittie,kitten,kit-kat, kitty-kat, evil one, lil devil,fun-size,snake,popochichojo,joe,psycho lover,and my most recent one is from sam and it's Popcorn. My favorite word is Meow.. I <3 my friends.. i love my boyfriend M'Bayo <3<3<3 LIZ!! hahah ok uhhh most adorable 10th grader alive!!.yeah i do. Thats all i have to say..and i really love d'ann forever! Scottie rocks and little alex hendren is my little sister..BLAH!!!!!!!!!! i hate school it should die just like me "all i wanna do is slit my wrists" hahahaha i love that song!! Hahaha Meow Meow Meow M'Bayo= Wow Amazing

Best Memory Bailey Victoria Mary Cary and Alicia in Bubble Bath together!! Heheheh

STU CLUB 666!!! i am member 666

Im a Bisexual !! Wahooo Rainbows...
I love my boyfriend and girlfriend
I smoke the chronic alot. Drink all the time, and I love partying, and going to RAVES
Ecstacy is fun kids you should try it....
Interests:115: alcohol, alternative, beer, bisexual, black, blades, blood, bondage, cars, cats, cell phones, centreville, cheese!, cherries, children of the bodom, cigarettes, cigars, clubbing, computers, condoms, cuddling, cutting, dancing, ddr!, deadsy, death metal, degrassi, devils, dogs, draco malfoy, duct tape, dvds, dying fetus, eating, emo, exstacy, fairies, fetish, fishburne, fishburne guys, gays, girls, glowsticks, godsmack, going online, goth, guns, guys, handcuffs, hard rock, harry potter, harry potter movies, heavy metal, hot pink, hot topic, jersey devil, kane, kissing, kittens, knifes, lesbians, lust, marijuana, meow, metal, metallica, movies, music, nail polish, night, nirvana, orgy, p!nk, parties, penguins, phones, piercings, pink, poetry, pot, puppies, quizzes, rainbows, rave, ravers, raves, razors, rings, rubber bands, safety pins, satan, sex, singing, skaters, sleeping, slytherin, staunton, straight, strawberries, stuart hall, stuart hell, surveys, system of a down, talking, tattoos, techno, vampires, weed, whipped cream, wicca, wiccan, witchcraft, witches, wrestling, writing.
Friends:2: minkus, xlife_or_tearsx
Account type:Free User

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