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Below is information about the "words to a thought" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:words (5534)
Name:words to a thought
About:This is a community for those of you who choose to express yourself in words or enjoy writing fiction or non-fiction, whether it be poetry, short stories, plays or fairy tales. This is also more specifically for those of you who want to receive feedback on your writing, and any positive constructive criticism which may help you develop as a writer.

This is a closed community for now and if you would like to join then please leave a comment here. You do not have to justify why you would like to join or submit any writing, just comment that you have an interest in joining such a community and I will then add you.


You may write whatever you want to write about, but there are however two rules that I would ask you to try and stick to: the first being that once you have been added as a member you must add this community to your friends page so that you may see what other members have posted and thus help them in any way that you might want to or to just support their writing and give them some encouragement.

The second rule is, and please be aware that I do not want to restrict what you write about and sexual content is allowed but please do not write anything that is sexually explicit involving children or minors. Also, no racist content please, for obvious reasons and also, I do not believe racism to be a form of expression. It is a form of ignorance and it will not have any place in this community.

Also as a member it is up to you if you want to keep your entries as friends only so only other members of the community will see them or whether you display them as public entries.


For all those who may read the entries in this community in future, please be aware that all writing posted is the work and property of the individual who wrote it. Please respect that and thus do not take the individuals work.
Interests:26: characters, constructive criticism, creative writing, creativity, expression, fairy tales, fiction, ideas, imagery, imagination, inspiration, lyrics, non-fiction, novels, plays, plots, poetry, prose, screenplays, scripts, short stories, stories, stream of consiousness, themes, thoughts, writing
Members:30: armatross, blue_star, burnt, burnt_coffee, contusion, dark_love, decayandjinx, emptyvision, exquisitequeer, intotherain, manon, mcjslifejournal, mookie, neon_village, nicole_strange, oddlyeven, pixistixs, poeticlady, pop_whore, prosthetichead, rewind, sanguinemirth, scarlingfan, silver_star_78, suburbanmuse, summonillusion, toxic, upupandaway, wuvsd, __stars
Watched by:13: blue_star, burnt, decayandjinx, intotherain, mcjslifejournal, neon_village, oddlyeven, poeticlady, pop_whore, rewind, sanguinemirth, upupandaway, wuvsd
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