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Below is user information for Kelc Paige. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wordhell (321760)
Name:Kelc Paige
Location:PawPaw, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:jaggedcloud911 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
-my favorite color is: purple
-my favorite color hair is: red
-my favorite number is: 24
-my favorite animal is: Ocelot
-my favorite food is: Strawberry Shortcake
-my favorite season is: summer
-my favorite shoes are: pink super stars, but not anymore because I lost my left one crowd surfing a few months ago.
-my favorite neighbor is: Brooke Willis
-I like mopeds
-I hate jetskis... but not carey Jetski
-my favorite teacher is: Jensen -OR- Powless
-my hottest teacher is: jensen
-my favorite person to talk on the phone to is: Matt -OR- John
-my favorite Wilco song is: Jesus etc.
-my favorite person to drive with is: Brooke Willis
-my favorite laguage is: french
-I dont like: dungeons and dragons
-I like: drums, i need to learn how to play them... I like drummers too, they're hot. Or bass players. Theyre hot too. NO MATTER WHAT. Ha, right. anyway.
-I dont like: when people replace s's with z's.
- I do like the Osbourns, because they are funny. And Kelly is cute and reminds me of Jami.
- I dont like: making the band 2- P. Diddy is really dumb, and not cute.
- I do like: Saved by the Bell -AND- Fresh Prince -AND- Boy Meets World
-My favorite house to sit around at is: the Wallaces
-My least favorite dogs are: Sara Merkers
-My favorite Judge is: frank D. Willis
-My favorite cartoon is: Daria
-My favorite Nogin show is: Degrassi
-My favorite Disney cartoon movie is: The Little Mermaid
-My favorite movie 1st kiss is: Lizzie and Gordo
-favorite summer thing (so far)- swimming at midnight in the rain
-Favorite drummer: Paul Bauer
-Favorite Senior: Jessi Bailly, then Jenn Garison, and Paige, and Tailor, and everyone
-my favorite person with kind of my name: Paige Sandlin
-my favorite most annoying straight edge in the world: Emily miller
-my favorite Pirate that Ive never met is: Johnny Depp
-my favorite pirate that I have met is: Nick Goodman
-my favorite thing to put salt on: limes
- my favorite time to get online: Between 1am and 3am
Memories:1 entry
Interests:60: air planes, american analog set, art, basketballs, cake, cats, cuts, dicks, dingos, drawings, drugs sex rockandroll, dwarfs, eating, elephants, elliot smith, eskimos, eyes, feet, fire, frogs, geese, hands, hayden, helicopters, horses, ice cream, igloos, infants, jackass, killing, kipper, kites, lightning bugs, llamas, magic tricks, mariko, masochists, niger falls, opp, photography, pirates, pork, quails, rainbows, riding stuff, saftey belts, snowballs, spiders, stick shifts, swimming, turtles, unbrellas, vacuole, waffers, waffles, wilco, xylophones, yaks, yoyos, zebras
Friends:4: nervousheart, sammyj, timesrunningout, _zerohero_
Friend of:3: sammyj, timesrunningout, _zerohero_
Account type:Free User

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