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User:wishfulthinkr11 (170036)
Name:Elizabeth Ann
Location:New York, United States

Eh I need to do this will take a little while... sorry :o/
Interests:82: a, all american, all american regects, american eagle, barnes and noble, bath and body works, blurty, brand new, bright eyes, broadway shows, carmel frapachinos, chicken cuttlet, cloths, coheed and cambria, concerts, converse, crunches, dasboard confessional, delias, element 101, eminem, emo, finch, further seems forever, gap, george w. bush, get up kids, glassjaw, h&m, happy days, indie, insatiabale, inside, jamison/parker, joannes fabric, journals, journeys, looney tunes, lovely bones, making movies, meassanger bags, movies, musicals, new york, nice boys, no motiv, old navy, one true thing, pac sun, parties, plays, reading, running, salvation army, saves the day, shoes, shopping, short hair (girls), shows, skate and surf, snl, something corporate, starbucks, stars, starting line, story of the year, taking back sunday, taking walks, the ataris, the docks, the if book, the juliana theory, the used, theatre, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, unsung zeros, vacations, vanilla frapachinos, warp tour, weezer
Friends:13: badluckkid, fallingxxstar, gregorynoti, ilovetbs, psychobitch666, sunrise_sunset, sweetcatastrphe, thegoodfight86, weezgloris, xchicax, xstephee, xzerosk8, yoursilverstar
Friend of:13: close_my_eyes, emolunchbox, gregorynoti, ilovetbs, myles, psychobitch666, sicks_thedillio, skyesbleed, thegoodfight86, undesireables, winenroses44, xchicax, xstephee
Member of:1: sunrise_sunset
Account type:Early Adopter

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