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Below is user information for Pink Chucks Left In The Never Ending Rain. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wiltedxrosex666 (141064)
Name:Pink Chucks Left In The Never Ending Rain
Location:Montgomery, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:bloodytearsx666 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I guess I should write useless garbage about me in here, so you can figure out if you want to read my blurty or not.. My name's Ashley, Ash for short. I live in Illinois.. not much to do her, unless you feel like hanging out at the skatepark. And hanging out there, is boring. Joey Jordison is the hottest fucking guy on this earth, I don't care what anyone else says, he is. My current nickname is Bondage Whore... woo. I write in my blurty alot.. It's amusing most of the time. I write in my notebooks alot too.. I write poetry and short stories. I also draw, I'm not that good though, but whatever. I don't care what anyone thinks of me. Ignorant people need to fucking die. If you want to be added, comment and add me, and maybe, if you're really fucking lucky, I'll add you back. Email me or IM me sometime. I really don't give a fuck either way.

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Tina the Troubled Teen

What do you really think of me?
Memories:1 entry
Interests:133: alice in chains, angelina jolie, anne rice, anti-avril, anti-mtv, anti-posers, anti-preps, arrows, art, bam margera, bedknobs and broomsticks, bettie page, biohazard, bisexuals, bite me, black, black eyeliner, black rainbows, black roses, black sabbath, blood, bloody tears, blutengel, bondage, bunnies, candyland, care bears, chad gray, charles manson, children of the corn, chris pontius, chuck taylors, coal chamber, cradle of filth, crayons, cutters, dani filth, death blooms, dio, dirt biking, disturbed, dorks, dr. pepper, dri, eyes, fairies, finding nemo, fire, fishnet, glowsticks, goth, grumpy bear, handcuffs, harry potter, hatebreed, hermione granger, horror movies, insane, insanity, jackass, joey jordison, kites, kittie, knives, korn, losers, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, mary bell, mental hospitals, meshuggah, metallica, mindless self indulgence, motocross, mouthful of poison, mudvayne, murderdolls, neon colors, nin, nirvana, otep, ozzy, pantera, paper dolls, paperclips, pepsi, pixies, poetry, punk, pyros, rag dolls, rainbow brite, rammstein, ravers, red, serial killers, sic, skateboarding, slayer, slipknot, soundgarden, south park, staind, stars, static-x, stephen king, steve-o, stone sour, storms, system of a down, talena atfield, the brave little toaster, the crow, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the sex pistols, tigger, tigger's gothic whore, tool, trench coats, tripp eisen, ugly, vampires, virgin journals, voices, voivod, weird people, weird-0s, whores, wilted roses, winnie the pooh, winona ryder, wo0t wo0t
Friends:17: badkitty666, br0ken_s0ul, fallintomadness, gothic_girls, hellbound, insidexbeauty, i_heart_jamey, kittieownsyou, leather2lace, posedtodeath, sicxlittlexkid, suicidalchild00, tainteddoll, xmiseryxchildx, xwomanoffilthx, x_slit_x, yramydoolb
Friend of:12: fallintomadness, hellbound, leather2lace, myxsuicide, rejectcorner, suffermysuicide, suicidalchild00, tainteddoll, xmiseryxchildx, xwomanoffilthx, x_slit_x, yramydoolb
Member of:4: aholeinmyheart, gothic_girls, horror_film, kittieownsyou
Account type:Early Adopter

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