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Below is user information for ...Love is only a feeling, anyway.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wilted_dreams (329213)
Name:...Love is only a feeling, anyway...
Location:Portland, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:RebelJunr8 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:135: 3 doors down, 4-wheeling, affection, alan jackson, american chopper, american history x, art, axe body spray, axl rose, band, beaches, big trucks, billy currington, bowling, breeze, brian mccomas, cameras, candles, car wash, cars, cds, cereal, chevys, chicken pizza, chris cagle, cigarettes, civil war, cmt, coke, cold, comfy chairs, concerts, cookies, cooking, cool people, country music, cowboy hats, cowboys, craig morgan, dale earnhardt jr, deirks bently, disney movies, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drinking, driving around, edward norton, fall, fight club, fire, firefighters, fireworks, flip flops, food, french fries, freshly cut grass, friendlys, friends, garth brooks, gasoline, good smelling people, guns 'n roses, gym, halloween, hanging out, hot guys, hugs, individuals, jeans, jesse james, journals, kahlua, kenny chesney, landscapers, late nights, laughing, lifts, lonestar, lunch, mark wahlberg, mikes hard lemonaide, monster garage, monster house, monte carlos, motorcycles, movies, nachoes, nascar, nature walks, nip/tuck, orange county choppers, original names, outdoors, palm trees, parties, partying, peaches, photography, pictures, quad riding, reading, red, rednecks, sand, seether, shavo odadjian, sleeping, smallville, smoking, soda, strawberries, summer, sunsets, swimming, system of a down, the italian job, the o.c., the pike, third watch, tim mcgraw, toast, toasted almond ice cream, toby keith, tropical, tropical beaches, u.s. history, walks, war movies, warm nights, washing firetrucks, water, wes borland, west coast choppers, wheeling
Friends:5: alkatraz, crazycindy2k, dixieprincess, freefallin453, run_itsdana
Friend of:2: alkatraz, dixieprincess
Member of:5: bg_whore, iconsurequest, icons_4_u, layouts_comm, lay_me_out
Account type:Free User

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