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User:will_young (32553)
Name:Will Young
Website:Light My Fire
Location:London, United Kingdom
AOL IM:WillxxYoung (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: William Robert Young
Date of Birth: 20 January 1979
Star Sign: Aquarius
Current Residence: London
Place of Birth: Hungerford, Berkshire

Qualifications: A-levels in Ancient History, Politics and English; Politics Degree (2:2).
Previous Occupations: Student at Exeter University; model for clothes store; cat-walk model; gardener; factory worker (tearing labels from T-shirts); barman; waiter; Personal Assistant at Sony Music; appeared in an ad for Sky Sports; brief stint as a member of a boy band.

Previous Experience: Won a place in a boy band in a competition featured on ITV's This Morning program; appeared in various Exeter University stage productions; theme party organiser and charity fundraiser; singing in deserted car parks. Oh, and winner of ITV's Pop Idol 2002.

Musical Influences: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Big Band, Blues and Swing.

Musical Heroes: Aretha Franklin, Joan Armatrading, Annie Lennox, Jamiroquai, Beverly Knight, Lauren Hill.

Hobbies and Interests: He represented his school in rugby, football, basketball, athletics, long jump and triple jump. Describes himself as 'sporty' but has has little time to participate in sport since winning Pop Idol and is concentrating on his career in music. Other interests include art, photography, books, zoology and dance.

Other Ambitions: A walk-on part in EastEnders.

Weird Traits: An unhealthy penchant for woolly hats and patterned tank-tops!

Come on, chaps. I'm not really him. He has too little time on his hands. I'm just an RPer with too much time on my hands.
Friends:105: adamgarcia, alexisbledel, alisonlarter, anaxbarros, angelccarter, anotherjustin, anson_mount, ashleyboyangel, bassist_gc, bbmak_christian, ben_foster, bev_mitchell, bobby_moffatt, brokster_bri, cashdog, chrisfakesit, chris_carrabba, crazy_jay, dark_rose, elijah, eme_nyfinest, estella_warren, e_dushku_, ferret_dirk, foolishjustin_g, galenharold, gc_benji, gc_joel, hillyduff, hottiedan69, hot_hayden, ikehanson, jacobyoung, james_marsters, jdrascal, jenna_bean, johnny_noname, joshuascott, josh_h, julian_mcmahon, justin_jeffre, justjanie, just_britney, just_jessi, j_lance_bass, j_mayer, j_pundik, j_sexy_stiles, katie_, katona, kell_bell, kentuckyxtrain, kirstenxx, les_carter, little_lachey, mandy__leigh, mariexserneholt, michellexbranch, missrussell, missxsalma, miz_pink, monkeysneedluv2, mryan_phillippe, natalie_bryant, natattack, nfg_chad, nickolas__gene, nick_chastain, nick_lachey, notreallyjoey, o_bloom_, play_anna, rach_l_cook, randyxxx, rosiemunter_, ryan_r, sarahmgellar, sara_lumholdt, scotty_moffatt, sexyshakira, sexy_wade, shanewest, shannon__, somerhalder, sparkling_twins, sugar_timmons, taraxxreid, t_welling_, underwood, xjason_behrx, xobjcarterxo, xreesex, xscottx, xsolitary_branx, _billy_, _evan_, _howie_, _jessemccartney, _kellyosbourne_, _klkreuk_, _paul_walker, _sexay__tay_, _t_lucca, __avril__, __katie__holmes
Friend of:25: anaxbarros, b__murphy, cashdog, channingtatum, dark_rose, e_dushku_, h__valance, ikehanson, james_marsters, just_britney, just_jessi, j_pundik, j_sexy_stiles, kirstenxx, miz_pink, mryan_phillippe, natalie_bryant, nick_chastain, notreallyjoey, rachel_stevens_, rach_l_cook, somerhalder, taraxxreid, _kellyosbourne_, _paul_walker
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