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User:wickedintention (94417)
Name:perfectly imperfect
Bio:---->little messy haired girl
thats me just a little girl around the age of 16 who lives...just lives thats all. im a survivor if i ever saw one. not that im bragging...just stating the obvious. i have long brown hair that ill put in dreads someday, greenish brown eyes that will pull you in deep if i need you there, small tiny body for the months following a breakup where i didnt eat, permanent braceletes, an attitude out of this world, and a love for anyone who loves me. i live in a suck ass town that swallows me a little more each day but ill be out soon. i try to be who i am without surrenduring to pressure....hard but worth it.

---->take a bullet for
ive got the most amazing best friends in the entire world. i met lauren early on this year and havent left her side since. she is almost two years younger than me in reality but in our world we live the same years. she is beautiful. truly amazing. sarah i met through lauren and although i havent met her i love her. she is also two younger than me but not that you can tell. she is the sweetest thing. skyla i only met about a week ago. the girl is nothing like ive ever seen...out of this world. nothing like i would have imagined. i hope this turns into something. girls you are my everything. dont ever leave me.

---->life through lines
i live inside music and poetry. i write i read and i liste to every drop of emotion i can get my little messy hands on. i used to cut so this is my awakening. i use this powerful emotion to lead me away from my self destruction. i love any kind of music that will normally make people sad. i love it i breathe it i need it...what more can i say im a frickin addict to emotionality. (is that a word) love me.
Interests:75: acoustic guitars, afi, anger, anti avril, anti flag, ataris, ben kweller, bisexuality, black eyeliner, boy hits car, boys, bracelets, bright eyes, cuddling, cutting, dashboard, deep elm, depression, eating, emo, emo boys, emocore, evanesence, finch, friends, garage bands, geoff rowley, hardcore emo, incubus, jonah 33, jones soda, juliana theory, justified, kazaa, keepsake, kissing, kurt cobain, last days of april, lauren, local bands, logh, love, lucerine blue, matchbook romance, matt, msn, music, nipples, nirvana, painting, photography, pictures, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, porn, punk, punk rock, rainbows, ramen, rancid, sarah, sex, shaggy hair, skateboarders, sleeping, smiles, something corporate, stars, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, the early november, the used, yellowcard, you
Friends:8: biabweeone, daydreamer23, fedup_x, foetoe, guysandguitars, shortierox, _137, _spitler_
Friend of:6: biabweeone, fedup_x, foetoe, punkedoutpixie2, sbsconrad14, _spitler_
Member of:1: beforeyoujudge
Account type:Early Adopter

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