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Below is user information for I take a scar everytime I cry.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wicked_k (510759)
Name:I take a scar everytime I cry...
Website:My Other Journal
Location:Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:WickedK1010 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Marleyisgnarley (Add User, Send Message)
Interests:126: 101 dalmations, addicts, agnostic front, anarchy, angelina jolie, anime, anti-flag, art, bad religion, bi-sexual pride, bjork, black flag, blood, bob marley, bondage, brody armstrong, bubble bobble, buzzcocks, canada geese, casper rose, chains, chaos, cheese, chocolate, circle jerks, clash, concerts, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, descendents, devotchkas, dir en grey, distillers, dolphins, dreads, dreams, dropkick murphys, electronica, fire, flogging molly, frogger, gackt, garbage, gay pride, gbh, girls, glass, gwen stefani, hellcat records, hole, hoodies, hungry hungry hippos, i love the 80s, incense, j-rock, jack off jill, kim chi, kitties, kurt cobain, l7, lain, lars fredriksen, local bands, love, m&m's, malice mizer, manatees, milk, misfits, mohawks, moose, mosh pits, nin, nintendo, nipples, nirvana, oi polloi, operation ivy, orgy, piercings, pirates, pokemon, puffins, punk, rain, rainbows, ramones, rancid, randomness, safety pins, sex pistols, shannon, shirley manson, sid vicious, sid viscious, sigur rós, skittles, sleep, smores, some guys, south park, spirited away, sporks, stars, subhumans, sublime, suicide machines, tatoos, techno, the casualties, the devotchkas, the exploited, the germs, the lion king, the offspring, the oi! scouts, the simpsons, tim armstrong, transexuals, tsol, vandals, voodoo glow skulls, wolves, yaoi, your mom, yuri
Friends:5: bisexual_pride, i_like_edith, phoebe, thedistillers, _rancid
Friend of:2: i_like_edith, phoebe
Member of:3: bisexual_pride, thedistillers, _rancid
Account type:Free User

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