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Below is user information for Lauren. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wheverything (392249)
Bio:I walk by statues
never even made one chip
but if i could leave a mark
on the monument of your heart
I just might lay myself down
for a little more than I had the last day

wait a time
let's spare these lies
we tell ourselves
these days have come and gone
but this time is sweeter than honey
Interests:84: 3 doors down, a walk to remember, aim, amy lee, avril lavigne, being in love, black, blink 182, blyss, buffy, chocolate, christian, christianity, chucks, city of angels, classical music, concerts, creed, dance macabre, dashboard, dawson's creek, edward scissorhands, environmentalist, europe, evanescence, fantasy in c minor, french accents, german, germany, gilmore girls, god, goo goo dolls, gothic, guitar, hippie, hugs, interview with the vampire, jason wade, jewel, john mayer, john rzeznik, johnny depp, lavalamps, les pauls, lhmb, lifehouse, linkin park, live, matchbox 20, mbmb, michael vartan, michelle branch, milkshakes, movies, mozart, music, nail polish, never been kissed, nirvana, ocean, omri katz, piano, powderfinger, psychology, rainforests, river phoenix, rock, running on empty, sand, shoes, silverchair, smallville, spring, switchfoot, the dark, trampolines, travis, tree hugging, u2, vampires, vampiresses, vintage, writing music,
Friends:5: dolphinangel, insanityspins, lanni86, thecharmingone, windstorm
Account type:Free User

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