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User:when (109355)
Website:blessing in disguise
Location:United States
Bio:sorry peoples...friends only
rules to adding:
1. leave a comment
[those who do not comment and just add me, run the risk of NOT being added back!
i usually don't have time to check my info everytime i'm on]
2. leave comments
[i like to feel loved, please leave me comments! i'm going to leave comments on yers]
3. no talking shit about me
[i'm not going to go to yer journal and bad-mouth you...don't do it to me
this includes my music tastes, thoughts, poems, etc...
if it sux, just say it need to crush what little self-esteem i've got!]
4.if you don't like it, don't read it!
[simple enough!]

sup? i live in wilmington, north carolina...home of dawson's creek. [oh yay] i'm a taproot addict, worship & tribute addict [though i ♥ gj's old stuff as well], and a broke college student, with no car, and still sumhow i manage to go to crazy amounts of shows.

♪ i'll get my chance
when the time is right
i'll get mine in no time
i want to shine with you by my side
[taproot] // when.

check out my photojournal
Interests:140: 1 nite stand, 11 months, 311, again & again, alcohol, alkaline trio, angel, apc, ape dos mil, art, astrology, bam margera, bass guitar, bassists, beaches, believed, blue, boxcar racer, bracelets, breathe, brits, can't not, candles, chevelle, chino moreno, cky, cold, comeback, concerts, convectuoso, cosmopolitan blood loss, crank yankers, day by day, deftones, depswa, disturbed, dogs, dorks, dots, dragged down, drawing, dreams, driving, drowning pool, emotional times, empire records, everything, eyebrow piercings, fault, fear to see, finch, flatline, further seems forever, ghosts, gift, glassjaw, godsmack, grey daze, guitar, gummi bears, hackers, hoodies, i, impact, incubus, invader zim, jackass, jarrod montague, jay and silent bob, justice is blindfolded, labret piercings, lifer, like, linkin park, lollies, lostprophets, lovebites and razorlines, lowlife, mallrats, mentobe, metaphysical, mike dewolf, mine, mirror's reflection, moons, mudvayne, music, myself, negative rein4sment, nirvana, now, pacifier, phil lipscomb, photography, pictures, piercings, pink roses, poem, primer55, pulse ultra, puppies, radio cambodia, rings, scapegoat, sevendust, shine, simple plan, singers, singing, skateboarding, slipknot, snowglobes, something more than nothing, sound control, stars, stephen richards, stickers, stone sour, sumtimes, sunny days, supernatural, swift, taproot, tattoos, thriftwhore, time, tip your bartender, travelling, trinidad, trustcompany, upon us, web design, welcome, when, worship and tribute, writing, writing music, writing poetry, ,
Friends:8: bigdork998, glassjaw, hello_asshole, kateeshie, no_seatbelt, pink_roses, smtn, walking_problem
Friend of:8: bigdork998, hello_asshole, n2thaikki, no_seatbelt, pink_roses, psychokittie, smtn, walking_problem
Member of:1: glassjaw
Account type:Early Adopter

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