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User:welling_tom (110342)
Name:Tom Welling
Website:I am not Superman.
Location:New York, New York, United States
Bio:Hi Ally. :-*

[It's a Game. Buzz off.]
Interests:49: 70's bands, :-*, :-x, abusing mike, alkaline trio, all american rejects, allison mack, being way too american, bowling alleys, bryan adams, cheese fries, chloe/clark love, cliques, dan radcliffe, dominic monaghan, elijah wood, emma watson, eric johnson, getting drunk, hermione/harry love, hot dogs, kristin kreuk, lana, liv tyler, lord of the rings, micheal rosenbaum, my best friends, my girlfriend, not harry potter, not michael rosenbaum, not mike's head, not rubbing mike's head, not you, orlando bloom, possibly more, sam jones, sex, smallville, something corporate, stuff, talking to sam, the hives, the hobbit, the hp clique, the lotr clique, the smallville clique, the strokes, the used, viggo mortensen
Friends:41: a_acker, a_mack, a_olsen, billy___boyd, bloomage, bonbon_w, cv_maintain, daniel_alan, dave_boreanaz, denisof, dommie_monaghan, dwayne_johnson, em_watson_, feltonesque, hil_duff_, johnson_eric, krissy_kreuk, kurt_angle, lija_wood, livvie_tyler, lyssa_milano, mrs_jay, m_rosenbaum, n_brendon, phelps, rankin, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, sean_astin, shane_mcmahon_, steph_mac, stevewilliams, the_hot_phelps, wb_smallville, welling_tom, xchris_jerichox, xxxrated_sean, _dumas_, _grint_, _mortensen_, _trachtenberg_
Friend of:23: a_olsen, billy___boyd, bloomage, bonbon_w, dommie_monaghan, dwayne_johnson, feltonesque, gene_carter, hil_duff_, jewel_kilcher, johnson_eric, krissy_kreuk, lyssa_milano, mrs_jay, m_rosenbaum, phelps, rankin, shane_mcmahon_, steph_mac, stevewilliams, the_hot_phelps, welling_tom, _dumas_
Member of:3: celebverse, jerry_springer, wb_smallville
Account type:Early Adopter

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