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User:wantongoddess78 (119273)
Website:My Launch Radio Station
Location:Savannah, Georgia, United States
Yahoo! ID:wantongoddess78 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:10 Things About Me

10. I'm a Libra, cat-owner, car-singer, redhead, procrastinator, romantic, bitch, tease, goddess on my knees.
9. I know #10 took up more than half of what's supposed to only be 10 things about me.
8. My three main gifts in life are my abilities to take standardized tests, win radio contests, and give amazing bjs.
7. I love music - there's always a soundtrack running through my head.
6. I quit smoking every 5 minutes.
5. I love movies and have seen wayyyy too many.
4. I'm a nurturer.
3. is my favorite number.
2. I think waaayyyy too much.
1. My best thoughts come while watching porn.

Oh, and by the way...i fucking HATE sporks. hate them. what good are they? they suck as forks, they suck as spoons. i've thought about creating the Anti Spork Society, but i fear we'd be doomed to failure due to an unfortunate acronym.
Interests:115: 24, 2risque, aff, astrology, atlanta, bam margera, barenaked ladies, baseball, beck, billiards, billy corgan, bisexuality, blue, bobby flay, chasey lain, conan o'brien, concerts, conversation, cooking, dancing, david hyde pierce, debate, domination, e, education, eminem, emo, emotional monogamy, erotica, exhibitionism, experimentation, facials, fetishes, ffm, film, finger eleven, flirting, football, frasier, get fuzzy, go, hedonism, humor, intoxication, jackass, jimmy fallon, jon stewart, kink, kissing, kiwis, laughing, lenny kravitz, libertarianism, libras, live music, matthew mcconaughey, maxim, meditative rose, memento, men in uniform, mmf, moon, motorcycles, movies, music, new york, nipples, office space, oil, oral sex, outkast, partying, piercings, politics, porn, prince, rafael furcal, real genius, red bull, redheads, romance, ryan phillipe, salvador dali, sapphires, sarcasm, saturday night live, savannah, seinfeld, sex, sexuality, skater boys, smashing pumpkins, softball, spanking, stars, submission, swinging, talking about sex, tattoos, teaching, teasing, the color blue, the monkees, the simpsons, the south, threesomes, timon, toys, travelling, true love, val kilmer, violent femmes, voyeurism, webcams, zwan
Friends:6: altimaang, anotherloser, dreamin, fallenkarma, iamjosh, paulie347
Friend of:3: dreamin, fallenkarma, steeltrue
Account type:Early Adopter

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