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Below is user information for MEGAN!, MEGA. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wanted_ (49593)
Location:henderson, Nevada, United States


MEGAN, NOTHING FAKE!! here goes.... 012590. brown eyes. blonde hair. tongue, belly, and ears pierced. emo punk metal and 2pac. checkered vans, rowleys, and RARELY converse. it seems everyone wears them, although i still like converse duhh. vintage t's big grandma sun-glasses. polka dots, strips. and buttons. weed, speed. no cig's unless needed. no im not a virgin, people make mistakes. GET OVER IT. DIGGING: checkered converse, vans, emericas, converse, dvs's, SHOES!, purses, and yes my moccasins. best friends. hugs. vintage t's.gauges.tight pants. polka dots, strips.. and buttons (once again the same information .. uhhum *above*). britney spears<333 hankerchiefs.make up. and vanilla geoff rowley, skateboards,cars, newlyweds, carmen electra,jimmy fallon,tom delonge. boogers. BARBIE. BANDS THAT MAKE ME WET MY PANTS ;] TAKING BACK SUNDAY!, finch, rufio, afi, fall out boy,greenday, acdc, nirvana duhh, jimmy eat world, smile empty soul, dashboard confessional, evergreen terrance, coheed and cambria, 2pac, brand new, him, ramones, our lady peace, porno for pyros, something corporate, switchfoot, sugarcult, the hives, tenacious d, the darkness, the distilers, the used, the vandals, turbonegro, trapt,yellowcard, SUBLIME AND DUHHHHH THRICE!!!!!!!!! DONT EVEN BOTHER . . . pmsing, bitches, people that think there funny, "niggas that take it to the next level, if u no what i mean" lol . uhm cops, BUGS, birds, dog shit. ear wax, feet, arm pit hair, smelly people. bad breath. nasty mexicans that no how to whistle well. alot of rap, that talks about nothing. BET. sagging. uhh, boys just buy ur pants long. thanks ;]. people that care about what other people think (of them). DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. girls just shut your mouths... i really HONESTLY dont wanna hear it thanks ;]! reading. big words. people that use big words. thats pretty much it i think? im me: xemodudex

Friends:18: and_theend, beachwater, icons_4_u, i_amthekiller, punkbaby, short_blondiie, sporkinmyeye, stars_above_us, stellared, the_unknown, torn_, venomgirl, wanted_, xd0rkishstefx, xfadedsmilex, xfallen_dreamsx, xun4gettablex, _fl00fy_
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