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Below is information about the "Friends" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:wanna_be_friend (28676)  
About:This is a community for meeting new friends.
If you are going to post in this community please follow these rules:
1. Include information about yourself. for example you could tell your name, age, & interests
2. Comment A person if you want to add them so they know!
3 Don't be rude!
these are simple rules so follow them!

Maitainer: Summer ( inn0cence

Feel Free to add me! i love making new friends
Interests:6: best friends, blurty friends, claimes, commenting, friends, icons
Members:125: abstract__, acidic_tearz, alwaysaching, amazingblace, amazingrose, astrozombie, babee_tearz_xo, baberzz, band_dork, bathroomslut, bellaroo05, benafflecksgurl, benjis_gurl, bilboblake, blackenedskies, blackthongz, bleedxforxyou, blondie13, boobiifullz, bootycall, cake_or_death, cherry_pimpette, chrixxie, coco4001, concrete_angelx, cr0oked_smile, crazybtchpsycho, crazyqt13, dana_x_naders, dirrtyblonde13, dreaminofu69, drinknmidori, extensions, fairy, faking, fierliss, fuckinfabulous, gczriotgrrl, geronimos_disco, ghetto_love, greenskittl3s, hana_tsu_vachel, hate_xx_me, heartofglass, hellorockview, highmaintenance, hoedawg, holla, inn0cence, jap, jessalynn, jo_munch, kandydevil, katypatutie, l0v3n, lalaalyssa, leavingstooeasy, lilmxedupgirlie, little_missy_, livvylove, make_up, matildalivewoom, melli, mishwish, misscrystalx0, muffin, n0t_t0o_y0unq, never_let_g0, noturaverage, oistitches, operastarlet, perch_and_creep, piink_fetishez, pinkprncsss, pink_champagne, randomroses, riddlin_kids, robotic_nation, romeos_juliet, s0_n_love, saruh, scarecrow13, scr3amin4yew, shooting_stars_, skoocha, slaveforujc, slxt_bunni, snapplesucks, squeezemymango, starstarynights, starsxcollide, stormlightlilly, storyofagirl, sunandmoon_02, sunshine_31, sw33tinn0c3nc3, sweetiepiejess, sweetz_7, swt_soysauce, theused23, theycallmerude, untruthful_, water_goddess, whisper_, whoremoans, wiished, xanthophobia, xbballpr1ncessx, xbleedingheartx, xconfuszed, xebeche, xluckyxgirlx, xmiszbehavinx, xobabi_gurlxo, xomqitzchrissy, xoshortnsweetox, xo_shadylady_ox, xsugarnspicex, xxxangelicxxx, yer_kiss_kills, _chelsz, _d0rkkiie, _tempting, _underestimated, __innocense
Watched by:30: baberzz, cherry_pimpette, crazybtchpsycho, fairy, geronimos_disco, ghetto_love, highmaintenance, jo_munch, kandydevil, mishwish, mountaindewrox, never_let_g0, noturaverage, piink_fetishez, pinkprncsss, rachel069, scarecrow13, scr3amin4yew, shakeshakekill, skoocha, slaveforujc, starsxcollide, sw33tinn0c3nc3, untruthful_, water_goddess, xanthophobia, xbballpr1ncessx, xconfuszed, xebeche, xobabi_gurlxo
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