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User:walkaways (22519)
Yahoo! ID:echo_and_on (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:i'm on top of everything
a little king of anything
got a place of mine that's all my own.
i'm inside of me again
a small world all the same
and i'm alone and i'm alone and i'm alone ...

I'm scared a lot. I'm unsteady a lot, and I feel like breaking too much of the time . . . but it's still so hard for me to cry.

I love God, first and foremost. And my piano travels with me in my head . . . and Counting Crows is always in my discman.

I write poetry, I write piano music, I write lyrics for the piano. I pray and I read and I study and I'm trying, I'm really trying.

And I get lonely a lot, too.
Interests:39: adam duritz, baseball, camping, christ, christianity, collective soul, contemplating, counting crows, darkness, disappearing, drawing, dreaming, faith, finding love, fiona apple, god, hiking, hope, lakes, loreena mckennitt, love, mary, mazzy star, music, peace, piano, poetry, prayer, praying, radiohead, reflecting, ryan adams, singing, sleeping, stars, toad the wet sprocket, tori amos, wallflowers, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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