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Below is user information for we could be friends. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wakingdream (112276)
Name:we could be friends
Bio:friends only
Interests:150: 88 fingers louie, absolut rain, adult swim, alkaline trio, ampeg, anime, anti-anti, apart at the seams, aquabats, aromatherapy, art, astrology, astronomy, bahai, bass, bassists, blenders, bob marley, body art, boy sets fire, breaking rubik's cubes, bright eyes, broadway, candles, cap'n jazz, cheese, cherry coke, clem snide, cold rooms, country music, courage the cowardly dog, crappy 80's music, crooked fingers, death cab for cutie, demotivational posters, donnie darko, dorks, drift, driving, drum and bass, dying midwestern, edward norton, emotep, emptiness, eric bachmann, f1, feeling sub-par, fireside bowl, fivefivefoh, fobs, forcing people to sleep, friday nights watching trek, further seems forever, girls who break hearts, girls with 'k' names, green day, green tea, hey mercedes, hi-standard, homegrown, honda, hoodies, idrc, ilocano, initial d, iron chef, japan grand touring championships, jazz, jbtv, jimmy eat world, john cusack, keiichi tsuchiya, kogepan, lfo, long midnight drives, lovers of loving love, metaphysics, minimalism, mixtapes, modest mouse, mugen, nietzsche, nihilism, niles north, nira, nismo, nissan, oblivousness to time, one sided love, over the rhine, ozma, parokya ni edgar, phantom planet, prophetism, prudishness, punk, r/c, ramen, rancid, rats, rice, rickenbacker, robotics, s13, sakuragi hanamichi, sarcasm, saves the day, scca, self depreciation, shaolin kung fu, shilla-aytee, sitting by the lakefront, ska, sleeping on the sand, sleeping upside down, soy, space ghost, spoon and fork sculptures, sporks, stupid ploys for love, tetris, the aquabats, the cure, the descendents, the eraserheads, the get up kids, the metro, the simpsons, the specials, tofu, toyota, trd, trip hop, turning blue, vandals, vanilla coke, vegetarianism, vomiting, walking through electrified water, water, whenshe sneezes/ithink itslove, winter, world domination, world rally championship, wrc, writing, yin/yang, zen, zeroism, zoroaster
Friends:5: coxy, hey_lush, starfish414, stiff, _chick_
Account type:Early Adopter

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