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User:wajero_chick (51970)
Website:Music Everything
Location:Harker Heights, Texas, United States

I'm Ciera Shanae West

I live in Harker Heights

Which is in the great state of Texas!

On my second year in College

Love♥ Grey's Anatomy

Spend alot of time watching it

Hate people that have to be center of attention

I'm pretty mellow...

Don't have drama in my life!

I can make a mess like nobodies business!

I work at Justice, Inc.

Be impressed

Oldest of Five

Party Girl....Mos Def

Love♥ me some Punk Rock

But I'll listen to anything

I don't do relationships

...Just fun with friends....

Picture Whore

Have alot of Best Friends

My truck is called the Rabbit

It's a horrible truck but I love it

I love♥ the summertime

Loves♥ a challenge

...and boys I shouldn't have

I hope to move out soon

I'm pretty broke though

I love to clean!

I love♥ anything Pink

I just so happen to misplace everything

♥My Boys = My Life♥

Plain & Simple

I'm actually smart

I enjoy big words

It's pretty much the only thing I've gotten out of College

I will be a sex therapist someday

I brush my teeth more than anyone should

LOVE to read

I'm way over petty high school friends!

You KNOW who you are!

If you thought you knew me back then...

You don't know me now

I've grown up alot!

You'll Love♥ Me Because:

I'm just different
Memories:5 entries
Interests:145: acoustics, adam sandler, adema, aerosmith, afi, aim, allister, american hi-fi, animals, anti-flag, art, atticus, australia, avoid one thing, babies, band geeks, beck, bible, big and rich, big wig, black and white pictures, black flag, blink 182, blondie, blurty, boarderline, books, bowling for soup, boys in the hood, boys night out, brad paisley, broadway, california, canada, candles, chris rock, circle jerks, concerts, country, crazy town, cruising the hood, dazed and confused, deftones, depression, dorks, down with love, drinking, dropkick murphys, dynamite hack, enya, family, fast ball, fat boy slim, fatboy slim, finch, flying lizards, foghat, fountains of wayne, gary jules, god, goldfinger, good charlotte, guitars, hair, hoobastank, hot hot heat, jesus, jimmies chicken shack, jimmy fallon, johnny cash, journals, kenny chesney, lefty, life, linkin park, local shows, lost prophets, love, lower class brats, make-up, maroon 5, men, mest, midtown, minor threat, mission trips, modest mouse, msn, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, new found glory, nofx, old school, old-school punk, pain, papa roach, pearl jam, pennywise, phantom planet, puddle of mud, punk, ramones, rancid, red hot chilli peppers, relient k, rem, sarah mclaughlin, saved, sex, silver chair, skating, smile empty soul, social distortion, something corperate, starsky and hutch, sugar ray, sugarcult, sum41, supergrass, taking back sunday, tattoos, the ataris, the beastie boys, the bouncing souls, the darkness, the distillers, the exploited, the killers, the misfits, the offspring, the ramones, the starting line, the used, the vines, the white strips, tom petty, trapt, vanilla ice, vendetta red, weezer, witnessing, yahoo, yellowcard, youth groups
Friends:13: broken_heart07, cantaskformore, carmelkisses522, childoftheblood, hrtofsurfing, im_sorry, jessica_pinky, lilsweetie, lustrousfairy, percyluv, stamps_star_87, star_programs, thisbelyss
Account type:Early Adopter

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