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Below is user information for clairvoyance. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:vulnerablegod (329973)  
Website:. Vulnerable .
Location:hacienda heights, California, United States
AOL IM:vulnerablegod (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:x_sacred_whore_x (Add User, Send Message)
slave to the muse..
Diseased with Writers Block.

STD Full Slut.. Arrogant God.
Self Centered Bitch.

Self Distracted.
Easily Amused.
Easily Bored.
Jugemental. [like my fucking mother]
Weakend By Her Spirits.
Vulnerable Full Time.
Emotions Are Everything.
YOU mean the WORLD to me.

Dyke On the Weekends.
Cashier Slut Part-Time.
Taco Girl.

Interests:147: abortion, afi, amy lee, anger, asp, b-ton-k, bach, bam, beethoven, bigod 20, bisexuals, blasphemy, bles't, blood, bob marley, books, bootcamp clik, boys, busta rhymes, chemlab, childs play., chris hoag, chucky, clairvoyance, clipse, clutch, color pencils, compulsive liars, computers, converter, covenant, cruxshadows, crying, darkness, death, delirium, domination, dre, e-craft, ehc, einsturzende neubatuen, elvis costello, eminem, endanger, english, evanescence, evil, exposed, faith no more, fla, foxy brown, frank sinatra, friends, fuck off., funker vogt, gays, geometry, girls, glittler, god module, good, goth, greed, green day, guitars, gwar, hank williams, hate, hate dept., heavy metal, infact, information society, intelligence, jimmy buffet, johnny cash, juno reactor, killer mike, klf, kmfdm, kneight riduz, kottonmouth kings, lesbians, library, lies, life, light, loa, loreena mckennit, love, luxury, m.o.p, marilyn manson, marine biology, markers, math, menocide, messiah, michelle branch, money, movie directing, mozart, msi, murder, music, nas, neptunes, nick cave, nin, noisex, offspring, operation ivy, pain, pleasure, power, rage, rape, rasputina, religion, retrosic, satanism, school, science, scissorfight, screening, sex addicts, sin, sincerity, skinny puppy, skold, snoop, stickers, styles, submission, suffering, suicide, switchblade symphony, the nightmare before christmas, tim burton, tool, user info, user unknown, virgin suicides, vulnerable, war, wumpscut, wutang, xzibit
Friends:1: emoscreams
Account type:Free User

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