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Below is user information for crazy little foo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:vness (408240)
Name:crazy little foo
Website:other journal
Location:Lost Almost, New Mexico, United States
AOL IM:vness828 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Goddess on the mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name..
Interests:115: adrian young, almost famous, amelie, animal house, arrested development, audrey hepburn, azure ray, baseball, beavis and butthead, beck, being a smart ass, billy crudup, bjork, blondie, bob dylan, bob marley, bright eyes, bubble wrap, casablanca, cheap sunglasses, cheese, chili-cheese fritos, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate milk, crayons, curb your enthusiasm, cursive, damien rice, dark clouds, david bowie, dylan thomas, ella fitzgerald, elling, emiliana torrini, enya, exile in guyville, flannel, funk, ghost world, green tea with raspberry, hate, hiking, hockey, hole, ima robot, interpol, jack white, jason lee, jimi hendrix, joan jett, john belushi, kenna, led zeppelin, lewis black, mad love, mangos, mazzy star, michael pitt, modest mouse, natalie merchant, necks, not being here, office space, patti smith, peace, pee wee's playhouse, pesto, photos, pink floyd, queen, radiohead, rage, rain, red wings, reggae, rem, roman holiday, sahara hotnights, santana, sara teasdale, scarlett johansson, sex pistols, shakespeare in love, ska, sketchbooks, skiing, sleep, snow, soundgarden, sunset, sylvia plath, t rex, the clash, the cranberries, the cubs, the doors, the eagles, the pixies, the skatalites, the smell of gasoline, the smell of rain, the sounds, the taste of pepto-bismol, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, things, thora birch, van morrison, volkswagen rabbits, watercolor, white cheddar cheez-its, white stripes, wilco, yellow, you
Friends:10: andyman, elasticrock, lonelyshadows, onesandtwos, openlyconcealed, reverendmaynard, roqnrollmartian, superanya, xxsporadicxx, _rock_heals_
Friend of:10: andyman, hardtofollow, lokshadow, lonelyshadows, openlyconcealed, reverendmaynard, roqnrollmartian, superanya, xxsporadicxx, _rock_heals_
Account type:Free User

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