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Below is user information for Grace. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:virginiarose (956802)
Location:Colorado, United States
Bio:I am a documentary filmmaker and have been in that business for 7 years. Before that, I directed and produced a variety of television programs. I still direct and sometimes run camera and audio and graphics generators, but mainly I produce and edit documentary films. I love it!

Since I work in the TV/film industry, I love to watch TV and movies. Mostly, I enjoy mindless entertainment since the projects I work on are really involved. I don't always want to watch something that makes me think which is why I enjoy shows like the Real World and the Simple Life. But, I do love good shows like Law and Order SVU. I love sitcoms such as Raymond and King of Queens. And I love the "old" shows on TV Land. Food Network is a blast to watch on weekends when I have more time to watch TV.

I'm no couch-potato, though. As much as I enjoy the entertainment listed above, I really love camping, being outdoors to hike and take pictures, skating, exercising, and cooking.

I also love playing on the computer: surfing the web, checking out MySpace, playing with Photoshop, photo-sharing online...things like that. Just random stuff.

Music is a real passion...I don't play any instruments, though. I just love to listen and watch. My favorite music is classic rock and blues and there are a variety of artists I love...too many to list here.

I'm a good listener, can offer practical advice, and hopefully brighten a person's day with a casual conversation or venting session.

I am married; no children; two dogs. I live in a rural area of CO that's close to many great attractions. Major highways are nearby, but yet far enough away.
Interests:7: camping, cooking, fitness, hiking, music, photography, skating
Friends:3: capriciousmoon, flavaspice37, her_rocketship
Friend of:1: flavaspice37
Account type:Free User

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