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User:villain (26819)
Name:Zac- without a 'K'


My name's Zac. I'm 17. I like things, so maybe you'll like the same things and want to read my journal. Yay.

i like:

Craberry Juice, Water w/ Lemon, Diet Dr. Pepper, Hershey's Dark Chocolate, Dairy Queen's Blizzards, Writing Poems, Singing Off-Key, Being Immature, Making Friends, Fake Wine

i don't like:

Lots of things O.O
Interests:81: ataris, being a loser, being an outcast, being down, being emo, being immature, blessid union of souls, blink-182, body modification, bracelets, bright eyes, calling people long distance, cereal, cheese, crying, dairy queen, dark chocolate, def leppard, diet cherry coke, disney, donnie darko, drinking with straws, ear gauging, ear stretching, evil villains, good charlotte, green day, guitar, hoodies, ice cream, illegal activities, immatation wine, indie bands, jackets, jake gyllenhaal, journals, juice, juice box, juice boxes, love, loving you, making you laugh, matchbox 20, mcdonald's fries, mtv, music, new found glory, nick toons, ocean spray, old school, phantom planet, piano, ramen noodles, raves, rooney, saves the day, singing, singing in the shower, singing sad songs, soco, something corporate, spongebob, stalking you, stupid things, sub sandwhiches, sum 41, super heros, tabloids, taking back sunday, talking on aim, the all-american rejects, the d4, the moffatts, travis, watching you shower, water, writing, writing lyrics, writing poems, yoga, your mom
Friends:152: 2ndstageturbine, adorkable25xo, aino_minako, ang3l_x, angrychild, anoxia, atomic, aubie06, beer, benjizluva, blackbox, black_angel2006, blinkie, blonde_squared, bobdole, bong_hits, br0kenhart, britanya, brokenfairy, broken_promise, burstyourbubble, buterfli, cahluah, cancer_crab, ceruleansky, cherri_d0rk, clean, cookiemonster, coxy, crazy_sexi_qute, cyanidekisses, d0rky_, darkstarlitmoon, deeply, diy, dustbucket4life, eastcoaststar, edanielleg, elishabiff, ellebelle, emo, emotears, emo_kiddo, emo_kids, emo_munchies, evilpaperbag, fading_awaymegs, forever_, fr33k, glitteriistarz, gothicobsession, gouge_away, go_idareyou, grafika, guitar, gurlsarecrazy, heatherjk359, iamkir, icandi, illuzionz, jessysa, joejoejoejoea, just_jess_s, kayla60, kwcp, laurabethxx, lilashulz, lilpinaygirl, littlegirl, little_defect, liveincolor, loser_kids, loseyourself, lovely_courtnee, lttl_miss_priss, lucky_allstar, lustfull, manduh, midnightstars, momarawson, moretotheeye, murda_mami, netkitten, numbness, only_in_dreams, orangepeel, ordinary_, our_night_life, pardon_me, peachshivers, penpals, perfxct, phe0be_cates, piinkskateboard, piink_th0ngz, playhookey, playtragic, poetry, rachbob, raindr0p, rambling, ramennoodles, renovarseomorir, rikacam, riotbitch, riotxgirl, rockinfroggie, runawayphoenix, sassyallie, serpensortia_, sexteen, shexay, shoooola, silicone_breast, skanky_, smilelikethesun, solastsummer, something_corp, sonnet, spikez, spunker, sugarfairiee, sunrise_sunset, superslut, sweet, taste_of_blood, theemotimes, thepurpledragon, thisgirl, tiki_lounge, total_tease, wafflenazi, wondering, woodenfork, xbeanie_babyx, xbreakingxnitex, xdarkeningfatex, xdeaddreams, xgrrlxrawkerx, xlast_good_byex, xonelastcryx, xrainydayredx, xuselesswordsx, xxsilverkissxx, you_vandal, _adorkable, _aloha, _bea, _exposure, _teenager, _uberhip, ____stellar
Friend of:66: aino_minako, blackbox, black_angel2006, blonde_squared, bobdole, br0kenhart, burstyourbubble, buterfli, cahluah, cancer_crab, carolina_girl05, cyanidekisses, d0rky_, deeply, eastcoaststar, emo, emotears, emo_kiddo, falter, gothicobsession, guitar, gurlsarecrazy, icandi, iheartemo, illuzionz, laurabethxx, littlegirl, liveincolor, lucky_allstar, manduh, mansonchick, midnightstars, momarawson, moretotheeye, netkitten, orangepeel, ordinary_, our_night_life, pardon_me, piink_th0ngz, pinkgurl87, raindr0p, rikacam, riotxgirl, runawayphoenix, sassyallie, serpensortia_, shoooola, solastsummer, sonnet, spikez, sugarfairiee, thisgirl, unpredicted, waxbutterflyz, wondering, woodenfork, xbeanie_babyx, xbreakingxnitex, xemo_starx, xgrrlxrawkerx, xlast_good_byex, xrainydayredx, _adorkable, _exposure, ____stellar
Member of:15: aim_convos, bong_hits, diy, emolyrics, emo_girls, emo_kids, loser_kids, penpals, rambling, ramennoodles, something_corp, sunrise_sunset, theemotimes, wafflenazi, you_vandal
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