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User:vicis (275179)
Name:Dian Merriat
Website:Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:VicisMater (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Dian Si Merriat
Meaning: (German, Latin) A sea of laughter is the starborn God(dess) of wine.
Si is from Sidra
Handle: Vicis

Age: Sixteen.
Birthdate: March 20th
Sun: Pisces-Aries cusp
Moon: Libra
Rising: Leo
Chinese: Tiger
Birth Flower: Jonquil
Birth Stone: Aquamarine
Bloodtype: B
Gender: Female

Alignment: Chaotic good
Group: X-men
Class: Sophomore

Physical Description:

Dian ranges on the average side of height at about 5'5", with a thin and lithe bodytype that's perfect for swimming. She's not overweight, certainly, and perhaps just a little shy of 'too skinny' from working out and hardly ever eating. Her hair, naturally a curly strawberry blonde, was dyed a raspberry colour in her freshman year-- right when her powers were starting to emerge. The dye took, and since then, her hair has grown out that color without fail. From living in Nevada, and being out in the sun a lot, she gained an olivey-golden tan, though not too dark, it's noticeable that she's not pale either.

She often wears, while comfortable clothing, eccentric and oddball styles. Something of her own fashion. Suspenders, belts, ties, boas, tails, and hats often make up random accessories to somewhat baggy pants, shants, or sometimes (though rarely) even skirts. For shirts, she tends to like tanktops of any sorts, spaghetti strap or full shouldered. If she is to wear a long sleeve shirt, it'll usually be a button up or (occasionally) a hoodie over a tanktop underneath. Now with the ability to, she loves to decorate her own clothes, covering them with slogans that she comes up with, or paraphernalia from her childhood, or most of all--stars. No matter what she wears, she'll probably have a star on her, and if not on her clothing, probably on her jewelry-- six piercings in her left ear (two of which are cartilage), and four in the other. A thick chain-link necklace with a star charm, and three rings-- again, two on her left, one on her right.

Hygiene is almost an obsession for her, but especially with her teeth. From whitening toothpaste, to overnight whitening strips, to floss, to mouthwash, she owns it all. She never missed a dentist appointment and never had a cavity in her life, and plans to keep it that way. She can't stand extremely crooked or misaligned teeth, or teeth of an off-color. She also has a certain obsession with nice smells too, and thus has a variety of colognes, perfumes, body sprays, and scented moisturizers to keep her with different scents for different moods.

She doesn't like to be in one thing for a long time, so it isn't rare that in the morning she'll be wearing one outfit and in the afternoon either parts of it or all of it will change. Scents, room decorations, and various hair and make up products and looks come and go the same way.


Mainly, Dian can control the state of matter. At least, that's breaking it down into the simplest context.

Matter has four states-- that of liquid, solid, gas, and more rarely, plasma. Dian can control that, and change something from one state to another. But along with that, she can temporarily create an alternative state for the substance she's changing.

For example, water. It has three of the states, liquid (water), gas (steam), and solid (ice). Her power can change H20 from one state to another, say... from water to ice. But with that, since it has to do with the change of the state, she can change the temperature of it too, and thus create room-temperature ice, but only as long as she holds up on it. But, she can also ionize it, to create plasma (though, this is very, very hard for her to do), as well as create an entirely separate, non-existing state for any of it's forms. For example, solid water. Basically, a very gelatin like solid, but it's still water. Gaseous water, still water, but with the properties of gas.

If she is creating another state for a substance, it's taxing, and only lasts as long as she keeps her concentration up. She also can't change an entire thing, only parts of it-- though, theoretically, she could change each part of something one piece at a time until the entire thing was complete. For example, she cannot change a person into a liquid form, but could turn their blood into a solid (either, it's natural solid state of 'dried blood' or simply solid-blood). She could change a piece of a rock face into gas and move through it, but possibly would get stuck inside being unable to change the entirety of the rock face, or keep it up once deeper in.

Another mutation goes along with that-- change. Her hair is naturally strawberry blonde, but when dyed it will change to the color it's dyed and grow out that way until she dyes it a different color (she's had it Raspberry for two years). Her mutation also caused her eyes to have a purple hue to them, a violet-blue, leaning more on a darker purple. She has some increased agility, but not by much.


Dian is extremely confident, and it shows. She acts proud and sure of herself, seeming very self-centered because of it. 'Ego much' describes some of her personality traits rather well. She'll say things that seem completely self-centered, cocky, and over the top without even realizing it. This is partly because she accepts it as truth (usually from past experience) and in her mind she often does consider her to be first.

She carries herself with distinction, head held high, exuding her bright personality. She's boisterous and full of wild, fiery energy. She's the type to sing from the rooftops if there's a crowd to watch her, and she loves to make a scene-- as long as someone is paying attention to her.

Despite this fire and extravagance, she's rather mellow and tends to go with the flow. She'll easily follow another person's lead (as long as they command her respect) and won't throw any sort of fit. Though, if they do start to do something, when she thinks she could do better, she'll make her opinions known, speak out loudly, and tell everyone exactly what she thinks.

Sometimes, though, she can be naive-- she tends to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses (quite literally, sometimes) and thus tries to find good in everyone. She's optimistic (with realism tied in), and thus if someone appeals to her correctly, she'll do what they say.

She's emotional as well, anger being the easiest to come and go, but her range of emotions flow over the type. Usually, she keeps them under a close reign, and to herself (as she wants the world to be happy and not a part of her problems, for a peaceful group of people gives her the ability to party whenever her spirits are up-- thus, most of the time), but if they get to be too much, she'll make sure everyone knows it. Always smiling, she tries to never let anything get to her-- and if it does, she'll rarely stop smiling anyway.

She loves beauty, and that's not an understatement. Anything beautiful, with inner or outer beauty, she adores, will cling onto, and never let go. Because of this, she loves fine arts, theater, music. She adores decoration, and when she has money she tends to blow it on lush things to surround herself with. She believes that France and Italy are beautiful, and thus tends to fall head over heels for anything from either place

This love of beauty travels to people as well, so she's quite a social bunny. If someone's beautiful (again, inside or out) she'll love to spend all her time with them. She loves to be in teams, anyway, partnership is the key. Though she'll be all right alone, she'd much rather have someone with her. She's a flirt, and on top of the flirtation, is intensely romantic. She easily crushes, and is in love with love. If with someone she cares strongly for, she'll try to give them everything they want (as well as her heart on a silver platter). This allows her to be hurt easily, but that won't stop her from continuing on in a path for pairs.

Despite her adoration of beauty, this won't stop her from loving fun either. As she's certainly one to be entertained and intrigued, she's equally drawn to movies, concerts, sport events, parties, clubs-- or anything, really. Especially it involves doing things with people.

Like her obsession with stars, romance, beauty, France, and Italy, she also is head over heels for angels. While she isn't sure there's a God, she never for a day has doubted that angels existed. It's not surprising that she wishes all her wishes to angels and stars, and sometimes even entries in private journals, or thoughts period.

In school, she tends to be a type of slacker. While she passes with good enough grades, she's notorious for turning things in late, and paying more attention to her daydreams than what's really happening. Instead of her schoolwork, she tends to turn her mind to conversation and socializing. Which is why she's perfect for theater, something she participates constantly in. She adores it, she loves the stage, and she loves being watched by an audience. Her other school activity, which she prefers even to theater, is swimming. She'd rather be swimming than on stage, and tries to never miss a swim practice or meet.

With all her fire, energy, and bright personality, it's hard to imagine that she suffers from insomnia. If there isn't a slightly dim light, the right music at the right volume, she isn't facing the right way, if she's too hot or too cold, and more importantly, something living (namely, her cat) to help her to sleep, than she'll not be able to, and in fact will stay away for days, with very, very little rest-- if any at all. Even in the right conditions, it's still a suffering process to fall asleep. But even with this lack of sleep, she finds the energy to surround herself with people.


Dian was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, where she lived in the lower-middle class district of the city. Her parents were never wealthy, but tried to give her what they could. Throughout her life her parents lost more and more of their wealth, her father lost his job, and they were solely living off of their mother's income.

Her powers first appeared when she was fourteen, while she and a few of her friends were climbing through a local construction site. She had trailed behind them, and the platform she had been standing on collapsed, leaving her falling towards the ground. Strangely, she caught onto the air-- simply caught on, as if it were solid, a few feet from the ground-- and thus was able to land safely.

She kept them secret for a while, trying to use them as little as possible. But she couldn't control them all the time-- during swimming sessions on the swimteam, she would (without realizing) turn the water into cooler steam and thus be able to take less breaths than the other team members, so she was able to swim further distances.

Not too long after the frequent appearance of her powers, she was contacted by the Professor. Her parents did not want her to attend the school, preferring that she'd be at home.

When she was sixteen, some burglars broke into her house. Her father tried to stop them, and during the fight, the burglars lit the house on fire. Fortunately, everyone escaped, but it was at that point that her mother and father sent her off to the school, wanting her to have a better life than they could provide.

High times, hard times,
sometimes the living is sweet.
And sometimes there’s nothing to eat.
But I always land on my feet.
So when there’s dry times
I wait for high times and then
I put on my best and I stick out my chest and I’m off to the races again!

My good friend the mayor, he called me today.
HE SAID, “Medda, the voters are turning away.”
“Help me,” he cried, “or they’ll give me the axe!”
I said, “Your Honor, you’ve got to relax.”

So your old lady don’t love you no more.
So you’re afraid there’s a wolf at your door.
So you got street rats that scream in your ear.

You win some, you lose some, my dear!
Oh, high times, hard times,
sometimes the living is sweet.
And sometimes there’s nothing to eat.
But I always lands on my feet.
So when there’s dry times
I wait for high times and then
I put on my best and I stick out my chest and I’m off to the races again!
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