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Below is user information for One Kill Wonder. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:velvet_claws (29511)
Name:One Kill Wonder
Location:Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:VeIvet Claws (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Lost, here is nowhere
Searching home still
Turning past me, all are gone
Time is now

The omen showed, took me away
Preparations are done, this can't last
The mere reflection brought disgust
No ordeal to conquer, this firm slit

It sheds upon the floor, dripping into a pool
Grant me sleep, take me under
Like the wings of a dove, folding around
I fade into this tender care
Interests:149: aghora, anders bjorler, arch enemy, arcturus, at the gates, atheist, bach, beyond the sixth seal, blind guardian, bloodbath, borknagar, brad pitt, buried inside, burning inside, caitlin r kiernan, carcass, carpe tenebrum, cartoons, cats, cheesy teen movies, chicks with guitars, control denied, corporation 187, cradle of filth, cristina scabbia, cryptopsy, cursive, cynic, dark tranquility, dawn, day-dreaming, daylight dies, deadsy, death, decapitated, december nights, deftones, dillinger escape plan, dimension zero, dimmu borgir, dissection, dogs, dol ammad, dream theater, driving in winter, ebay, emily perkins, emperor, england, eucharist, extol, fiona apple, garden of shadows, geofrey rush, gian piras, ginger snaps [the movie], gordian knot, guitars, holding hands, humour, ihsahn, immolation, immortal, impaled, in flames [pre anders], intelligence, isis, john petrucci, john zorn, jon nodtveidt, katatonia, kevin smith, killswitch engage, kissing, kung-pow, lamb of god, madder mortem, mastodon, megadeth, metallica, mikael akerfeldt, music, mutant, nail within, nematocyst, nile, no doubt, october tide, odium, opeth, origin, our lady peace, pantheist, paradise lost, peccatum, poison the well, quills, radiohead, rain, reading, seinfeld, shadow, shadows fall, shape of despair, shogun, sigh, slayer, smirnoff ice, sneaker pimps, snowfall, soilwork, sonata arctica, soylent green [the movie], spastic ink, star of ash, stargazing, stephen king, storm clouds, symphony x, system of a down, the amott brothers, the great deceiver, the great gatsby, the haunted, the kovenant, the red chord, the simpsons, the summoning, the talisman, theory in practice, thou shalt suffer, tomas lindberg, ulver, unexpect, vehemence, vintersorg, vivaldi, weezer, windir, winds, winona ryder, winter, withered beauty, wolves, words, writing, yakuza, yngwie j malmsteen, zyklon
Friends:12: bigdirtyleigh, burnout, cherry_scented, deadhotandready, deduced_to_00, divinity, emptycavity, oceania, once_fallen, serpentine_vice, solitary_guard, typodemon
Friend of:13: bigdirtyleigh, burnout, cherry_scented, deadhotandready, deduced_to_00, divinity, emptycavity, oceania, once_fallen, pantyshot, serpentine_vice, solitary_guard, typodemon
Account type:Early Adopter

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