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User:vampirella (112461)
Location:Toronto, Canada
Bio:I'm an eighteen year old film student in downtown Toronto and will graduate in September, moving on to bigger and better (and hopefully less expensive) things.

I'm a fairly depressed person. I have my pet peeves and 'issues', just like everyone else, I suppose.

I'm a goth. I like black. I like the dead, I like vampires, and I like most 'typical' goth things. I listen to Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, Disturbed, System of a Down, Rasputina, Marilyn Manson, Switchblade Symphony, etc. My taste in movies tends towards the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres.

**If you want to be added to my friends list, to view my 'friends only' journal entries, then add me to your own friends list and post a comment to me or e-mail me. Any of the above will suffice, though.**

The WeatherPixie

What can I say? If you want to get to know me, read the journals.

I would really appreciate it if anyone reading my journal would get a Neopet through this link. If you do, I get some nifty little bonus stuff :)

I'm also quite fond of working on people's DeadJournal/LiveJournal layouts, so if you have a journal in need of a new look, don't hesitate to ask me.

If you want to see what some of my work looks like, I've worked on the following journals:

Pagan Playground,
and of course, my own journal:
Interests:148: ambient, ancient civilizations, anger, anne rice, arrows, art, banshee, being alive, being by myself, bisexual, black clothes, black roses, blood, blue eyes, books, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, candlemas, candles, celtic, celtic art, celtic religion, cemeteries, charmed, computers, crossbows, dancing, dark, darkness, darkrave, dead can dance, divinity, drawing, dreams, druids, editing, england, era, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, film, fire, flirting, flute, forests, friends, ghosts, goddess, good moods, goth, gothic music, greek mythology, halloween, harry potter, highlander, horror, imagination, imbolc, immortal, incense, insults, ireland, joseph loduca, kindred, king arthur, knives, labyrinth, laughing, legend, lj smith, loreena mckennitt, love, lucifer, lust, mabon, maces, magic, meditation, merlin, mermaid, morning stars, movies, music, my webpage, myths, nailpolish, nighttime, ontario, ostara, pagan, paganism, pain, photography, poetry, posters, purity, queen of the damned, rain, rasputina, raven, reading, red hair, renaissance, riding, roleplaying, roman mythology, sadist, samhain, satan, scotland, shamanism, sidhe, silliness, silver cross, sin, singing, skulls, spells, spike, spirituality, stars, supernatural, sword fighting, swords, tarot, tarot cards, techno, the devil, the night, the sims, thunderstorms, toronto, toronto goth, travel, vampires, vampyr, vampyres, weird, wicca, willow, winter, winter solstice, witchcraft, witches, writing, xena, yule
Friends:4: bloodyhell, exquisitequeer, themoviebuffs, xviolentx
Friend of:3: bloodyhell, exquisitequeer, xviolentx
Member of:1: themoviebuffs
Account type:Early Adopter

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