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Below is user information for Gina. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:vamp_goth (460672)
Location:London, United Kingdom
Bio:Dunno what 2 say about myself! i'm an insomniac who is completely in love w/Vampires and bats, i like anything gothic(doesn't mean i'm a goth, 2 some idiotic bias bitches who i know!), love having piercing, love needles, love anything sharp, love turtoring, in love w/the way how eyelines run when crying and i love X-game! I go 2 International school at the moment, and hell, I am finally legal this september, hate ppl being so happy and so fucking energetic in the morning when they r not supposed 2 b, hate sleeping, hate when my contact lens r dried, hate me ran-away father! I dun care much about anything else but Andrew, he's the only meaningful thing at the moment!
Interests:149: -h-i-m-, addam's family, addictions, alcohol, alternative, andrew, andy roddick, army clothings, bam magera, bass, beach, being lazy, belts, bewitching, big day out, big dicks, black, black bikinis, black bra, black nail polish, blue, braclets, bush, chains, cheese nachos, christina ricci, cky, coldplay, composition, concerts, continuous writting, converse all stars, crystal, csi, dancing, dark purple, day-dreaming, dogma, drinking, drums, ear rings, elements, england, evanescence, eyeliners, fight club, flip flops, foo fighters, g-string, gaelic, glow sticks, goo goo dolls, green day, guitar, guy ritchie, guys, hair dye, hash, heartagram, heavy metal, heels, hot topic, hugs, ice, incubus, insomnia, ireland, irish guys, italian ice-cream, jackass, johnny depp, juan carlos ferrero, kisses, korn, kurt cobain, linkin park, liquid rave, literature, lollipops, love, lust, magazines, magic, make-ups, mallrats, manchester united, marilyn manson, matchbox twenty, metallica, mexican food, mirror, modeling, movies, music, night, nirvana, ok go, orlando bloom, papa roach, party, perfection, piano, piercing, poetries, quotations, rave, ravers, razor blades, reading, red hot chilli peppers, rings, rock, rugby, running, salty popcorns, sex, shoes, silverchair, singing, skateboarding, smashing punkims, smoking, snatch, snow, snowboarding, songs, spicy food, spiked braclets, spiked choker, spikes, star wars, stars, sugar ray, suicide, surfing, swearing, system of a down, tacos, tattoos, tears, the white stripes, torture, vampires, victoria secrets, witchcraft, wizardry, wrist bands, writing lyrics, x-games
Friends:7: babealicious88, cookiva, evilxxx0ne, hairsprayqueen, safteyinnumbers, stoned_bunni, x0_h0peless
Friend of:9: babealicious88, cookiva, evilxxx0ne, hairsprayqueen, just_andrew, netballgoddess, safteyinnumbers, stoned_bunni, _notyourstar
Account type:Free User

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