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Below is information about the ".. & .. URBANiSM" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:urbanism (207226)  
Name:.. & .. URBANiSM
Website:my blurty
About:.. & .. ABOUT URBANiSM
this community basically offers a chance to interact with different blurty members that show the same interest as you..urban stuff. to be more specific..rap, r & b, hip hop music and urban style. URBANiSM is owned & run by taylor ; {__citygirl}. i live in brooklyn, ny & i am a b2k fanatic. if you want to know more about me..check out my bio on my blurty.

.. & .. RULES
1. respect every member in this community.
2. do not send me hate mail.
3. do not take any of my stuff, because i will hunt you down.
4. just be nice.
5. follow all the rules above and you will have a great time. :]
Interests:43: 106 & park, 50 cent, 76ers, aaliyah, alicia keys, allen iverson, ashanti, b2k, baby phat, bet, bow wow, cds, clothes, coogi, dvds, ecko red, eminem, enyce, eve, fashion, gucci, handbags, j boog, j. lo, ja rule, jhene, justin timberlake, kelly rowland, lil fizz, making the band 2, missy, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, nelly, omarion, p. diddy, polo, raz b, shopping, tlc, trl
Members:26: bronxloca, fatbootylicious, fuzzy, ill_persona, inocente, kiss_me_crazy, leelolita, meheartboys, miixed, nathanz_baby, nessababy78, omariz_qurl, pastortroy850, roseinbloom82, shady_babii, shawtii_roc, stellarx21, treble_trippin, unspokenvisionz, xemiliah, xobabykayox, xo_babygirl, xx_p0ptarts, _piinklace, _valid, __citygirl
Watched by:14: fatbootylicious, ikandi80, ill_persona, kiss_me_crazy, meheartboys, roseinbloom82, shawtii_roc, stellarx21, treble_trippin, xobabykayox, xo_babygirl, xx_p0ptarts, _valid, __citygirl
Account type:Free User

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