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Below is user information for UrBaN. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:urban_locs (501634)
Interests:108: african women, alex, amber, american women, art, bahamen, bahamian food, bahamian women, bahamians, beres hammond, bethany, beyonce, black, black lesbians, black women, blue, books, bracelets, brian mcknight, c.d.'s, cartoons, ceonn, common, dads, dreadlocs, dreds, ecko, erotica, erykah badu, fabolous, falling in love, family, femmes, floetry, free, friends, green, halle berry, hats, heather headley, hip/hop, holding hands, ice-cream, imagining, italian food, james ingram, jay z, jay z's girlfriend, jeans, jesus, jet-skiing, junk food, kazaa, kissing, kristen, lauryn hill, lesbians, locs, luck, m&m's, m&m's collectibles, magazines, making love, massages, moms, mos def, musicals, musiq, musiq soulchild, mya, nappiness, natural, news papers, nona gaye, old movies, photos, pizza, play station, playing, poetry, polo, r&b, reading, reality shows, reese's peanut butter cups, reggae, reminiscing, sanaa lathan, sean john, slow dancing, spongebob, stevie wonder, studs, stuffed animals, swimming, t-shirts, t.v., tamia, the bahamas, the internet, the simpsons, trina, tropical fruits, tropical lifestyles, west indian women, wrist bands, writing, yoshe
Friends:10: afrogypsy, blaque_erotique, bluecypher, gyrlsunday, jl_fan33, morejoey, mysteree, pnutty, poeticmistress, soulfulintrigue
Friend of:15: afrogypsy, ark_soulshine, beutifuldreamer, blaque_erotique, dafireinside, jl_fan33, ketsupkity, knowledge216, missmel, morejoey, mysteree, nubian_vixen, platinumkum, pnutty, soulfulintrigue
Account type:Free User

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