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Below is user information for Sorry I'm not a slut. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:unwanted_whore (23872)
Name:Sorry I'm not a slut
Website:my other journal
AOL IM:sekzijenlikewhoa (Add Buddy, Send Message)
me,myself,and i
hey, my name is jennifer, but most people call me jen or jenny for short. i'm currently 16 years old and im stuck in a small town outside of southwest philly which in my opinion isnt always the best place to be. most people like to judge me right away because of the way i act or the music i take interest in. im a huge britney fan and i absolutely adore her, her music, and her style. i have a growing passion in singing and i hope i can have career in the buisness one day in the future. i also love popples and right now i only have five, but my collection is still growing thanks to ebay. although i love britney im still very open to ALL types of music and i hate being consider a mtv girl because of who i like. please do not judge me according to my interests and opinions because i see that as disrespectful and obnoxious.
at the moment i am currently seeing an amazing guy named erik who i'd die for if i had too. i love him with all my heart and soul because i believe he is the only one that truely knows me. although erik and i have only have been together for 4 months i do believe i love him and he loves me.

"I know what its like to want to die, how it hurts to smile, how you try to fit in but you cant, how you hurt yourself on the kill the thing on the inside.."

my journal is friends only. im open to meeting new people and making new friends all the time so if you'd like you can add me. im not one of those people who deletes someone because we dont have exactly the same interests or they like something i hate, i delete people because i have an issue with them and how they treat me and others. if you add me PLEASE leave a comment because i'd like to know who to add back. please dont add me if your just going to remove me a few days later because i think it takes time to get to know someone and by adding me for just that small amount of time your just taking time that i could spend on someone else. thanks.

my journal
this is a place for me to express my feelings and my problems, it is not a place for anyone else to express their issues with me or cause drama that is why it is friends only. the people who i choose to add and keep are the ones i trust with my whole life. if i remove you understand that you are not a person i trust or wanna get to know. if i havent added you back after you added me that doesnt mean i dont want you as a friend, it just means that i might not know youve added me and a comment informing me would be nice.
if after reading this and looking over my interest you believe that i'm not a person you'd like then please save us both time and simply do not add me. i dont appreciate insults for being who i am and i surely dont have time for immaturity so take the drama elsewhere.
i DIDN'T mean to sound like a bitch about it but since i have had issues in the past with people i decided i need to let it all out.

icon/info graphic requests
im more than happy to make you icons, claim banners, or info graphics but, all i ask is that you show me the respect i deserve and at least give me a thankyou or even credit. im not asking for praise i just think its only fair since it is still MY work that i spent time on.if you request one please comment or email me so that i dont forget i have to do it.

everything on this journal is mine therefore dont even think about stealing anything. if i find one of my belonging on your journal or userinfo i will not only make it known that you have stolen from me but i'll also report you to livejournal and they'll take the problem into their hands. stealing is a crime and its a very rude and inconsiderate thing to do.

Contact info
Aim sn:SekziJenLikeWhoa
Aol sn:s0damnunpretty
Yahoo Messenger:Jennyzlikewhoa
Interests:72: aerosmith, aim, american idol, animals, aol, babies, blinkies, britney spears, bubble gum, bubbles, cams, candles, candy, care bears, christina aguilera, clothes, cookie dough, cookies, cool water, cotton candy, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, disney, eminem, erik, fairies, food, friends, gigglinq, gilmore girls, girly stuff, glitter, glow stix, graphics, guys, hugs, ice cream, icons, jewelry, journals, kisses, kissing, kittens, layouts, linkin park, lipgloss, live journal, lotion, makeup, making blinkies, making icons, nail polish, nsync, perfume, pictures, pink, pixy stix, popsicles, psp, puppies, rj helton, shopping, sparkles, spikey hair, spongebob, stars, that 70s show, the osbournes, thongs, victoria's secret, xtina
Friends:12: addme, blinkies_inc, brigid31, eccentric_brat, icons_, jlowannabetat, laluna, newfriends, p1nknesz, rawr_blondie, winternights, wrathofcourt
Friend of:4: blondie_x923, jlowannabetat, rawr_blondie, winternights
Member of:3: blinkies_inc, icons_, newfriends
Account type:Early Adopter

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