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Below is user information for so stop pretending. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:unrequitedlover (607603)
Name:so stop pretending
Location:fuck you, New York, United States
Bio:im that guy with the dark clothes that you never really noticed.

im that guy you could never quite understand because his words were too big for you.

im that guy who doesnt get the girl because she likes him but his friend better or they're saving themself for Brad Fucking Pitt.

im that guy willing to take a bullet for the ones he cares about.

im that guy you saw potential in but he gave up because of assholes like you.

im that guy beating the Fuck out of that drug dealer behind the school.

but most importantly im the last guy you'll ever see...
Interests:44: angel, anger, books, boondock saints, boy meets world, buffy the vampire slayer, camp lakeside, chevelle, cinema, cold, coldplay, drowning pool, dry kill logic, eminem, everwood, evil dead, fanfic, fighting, final fantasy, gaming, halo, harry potter, hitman 2, jonny cash, linkin park, marilyn manson, max payne, metal, my friends, p.o.d, planet hollywood, red faction, school of rock, south park, starship troopers, stone sour, system of a down, third eye blind, three days grace, trapt, vampirism, vendetta red, women, youth group
Friends:2: fatallyoursat, insanepacifism
Friend of:1: fatallyoursat
Account type:Free User

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