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User:unholy_reign (743933)  
Well let's see, where to start. Well... I was born in Boston, not a very fancy place but it was a home. Skip over the mother never loved me part and the dad is .. well hell knows where, and we have my watcher. Woman took care of me, treated me like one of her own, until that bitch Kakistos ripped her throat out. So, that night I packed my shit and I bailed. I remembered her telling me of B so I went to Sunnydale and caught up with her. It was a hell of a bad time there, but I ended up killing a guy. B made a big deal about it but I couldn't see that. Not until it was too late. I joined the darkside for a while until I caught up with Angel. The only guy who could actually see me for what I was. He believed in me and gave me the push I needed. I confessed, went to jail for a few years until Angel-face needed me. Then I broke out, did what I had to do to pay back my debt to him. Then I went back to Sunnydale where I was needed. Hell of a lot of shit happened there but the place went belly up. So here's where I am now ..

[Note: This is an rpg journal. I am not really Faith. Faith, Angel the series, and all others characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, thank you.]
Interests:17: angel, angel investigations, angelus, charles gunn, connor, cordy chase, demons, eve, evil, lilah morgan, lindsey mcdonald, lorne, the powers that be, visions, wesley wyndham pryce, winifred burkle, wolfram and hart
Friends:2: vamp_with_style, xcordychasex
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