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User:undyingxsorrow (418145)
Name:+_Jennie Lynn_+
Location:Under the Razorblade, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:BlackxRainbowx69 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:They Call Her~~>Jennie Lynn

She Sees The World In~~>Hazel

Auburn~~>Hides Her Face

Her Heart Is~~>Confused:Crushed:Full Of Love

She Would Die Without~~>Friends and Music

The Beautiful People~~>Marilyn Manson.Joey Jordison.Johnny Depp.Dave Navarro.Angelina Jolie.Johnny Rzeznik.ManyManyMore

Ear Candy~~>Marilyn Manson.Cradle of Filth.Ozzy.Mudvayne.Slipknot.Staind.Orgy.Sublime.Disturbed.Kittie.Korn.Shadows Fall.Twised Method.Nothingface.Incubus.Green Day.Hatebreed.Evanescence.ICP.Twizted.ManyManyOthers

*Never regret anything that you do because at that exact moment it is what you wanted to do*

*A small straight line reddening with time. Overflowing with tears and pain thats not mine. A cold jagged tear slowly pulling apart as the blade moves down unleasing my heart. A lifetime of lines. A heart filled with tears. A cloud in my body that no longer feels- anonymous*

Im alright

Im alright

It only hurts when I breathe

*Well my name is Jennie Lynn. Im just a girl who doesn't really care about how people view me. If you like me....great, if you don't....its cool have a nice day! lol. I'm a senior in high school but im also taking college courses at the local college [i'll probably complain alot about that]. I absolutely love music. I sing and play the electric/acoustic guitar. One of my favorites is Marilyn Manson whom i saw this past year at Ozzfest. But I pretty much listen to every type of music. But I really do love metal/gothic/rock. I love Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. I have many interests. If you don't like what you read in my journal please don't leave hate notes...just don't read it if you don't like it. Theres no reason to get pissed off because of what I think. Frankly, im not worth it*
Interests:145: accepting people, aerosmith, affection, angelina jolie, animals, arch enemy, astrology, bad boys, baggy pants, bands, bass players, being me, big comfy pillows, black, black nailpolish, blazing, blinkies, blood, bondage, bondage pants, bondage straps, boys, bracelets, brian austin green, buttons, cameras, candy necklaces, chains, cherished memories, chokers, civil rights, cky, clubing, colin farell, collars, comfy sweatshirts, computers, concerts, cradle of filth, creativity, crystals, cuddling, dancing, dark lotus, darkness, dave navarro, designs, disturbed, diversity, earrings, erik von detton, evanescence, expression, eyes, fire, flirting, freaks, friends, gelly bracelets, girls, glitter, goo goo dolls, goth culture, goth girls, goth guys, graphics, green day, gsa, guitar players, hair dye, headphones, horror, hot topic, hugs, incubus, individuality, johnny depp, johnny rzeznik, journals, kazaa, kisses, laughing, lip gloss, love, making out, marilyn manson, mark whalberg, markers, messenger bags, metal, moons, movies, mudvayne, music, musicians, my bed, my guitar, orgy, ozzfest, ozzy, pain, papa roach, partying, passion, patches, photography, pictures, piercings, piercings on my boy, pink, pins, poetry, punk, rain, rainbows, rebirth, rings, safetypins, singers, singing, skirts, sleep, slipknot, snow, sparkles, spikes, sporks, staind, stars, stickers, storms, studs, sublime, system of a down, talking, tantric, tatoos, tears, tongue rings, tourniquet, twisted method, twiztid, wristbands, writing, zakk wylde
Friends:11: anti_s0cial, defected_lil_me, elegantxwaste, jewelbox, juggalos, lookathestars, placeforcutters, starlitprincess, summers_star, ugliduckling, xheartbroken
Account type:Free User

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