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User:undying (56369)
Location:Appleton, Minnesota, United States

_About Me_*`!

My Names Laura, I live in Appleton Minnesota, I've lived here only a few months and my parents already want to move, they are planning on moving to Arizona, away from my friends. In the future after school i plan on going to college... I'm not very social in real life. It takes me a while to get use to someone and alot of talking. I can't just say oh yeah i met you we can be friends now, i have to get to know you first!... I dont help people with journals because they dont give the right kind of credit people diserve for making a hard effort to help their dumbasses out!!!!... If you ask me for codes and i have the time also am in a good mood i'll maybe share them but i still excpect credit for giving them to you. I DO NOT, I repeat i DO NOT make layouts for other people! So dont ask me or you'll get on my bad side and you'll be an enemy to me for the rest of your time on AOL.!!
Interests:20: aol, country, emo, friends, fun, girls, guys, icons, layouts, loving, malls, playing games, punk, rap, rock, shopping, summer, swimming, talking on the phone, trance
Friends:21: arcangel698, attempt, dream_girl, flirtie, gcgurloo7, icpnkmkgirl, imperial, midgetporn, misunderstood28, p1mp, ph0nebooks, precautions, punk_rock3r, reqretz, rumors_, sexiiprincess, special_k_x0o, suicidalxdoll, wanted_, xxbabii_facexx, _faded
Friend of:30: 041103, a0001, arcangel698, assuring, attempt, cardboard_dildo, cries, endless_dreams, expressing, fallible, hiqh_banqer, idenity, is0lated, lolz, mesmorize_me, p1mp, ph0nebooks, precautions, rubb6rs, sexless, silicone, sparkleing, stress, tabledance, tearing, yoyoballs, _babyqurl, _faded, _l0ving, _spiffie
Account type:Early Adopter

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