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Below is user information for Dullest Crayon. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:un_bright (208467)
Name:Dullest Crayon
Location:Arizona, United States
AOL IM:Sweaty Bumm (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Kai. Punk rock, emo, heavy metal, and plain music geek. 1st chair Cellist. Orchestra Camp dork. Has little bro--age 6. Nate. Daughter of Miss Tracy--AKA; Mum. Single and hating it. Popular? Not really. Original? Oh yeah baby. Pierced ears. Brunette, but blonde on the inside. Tall. Green eyes. Perfectionist. Straight A-Student. Intelligent. Short-tempered. No Common Sense. Quite sweet.
Lover of;

Music--My life and my soul. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Black nail polish. Simple Plan. Dickies. My Mum and Grandpa. School. Math. Pictures. Lip gloss. Black eyeliner. Safety Pins. Tony Hawk Pro Skaters. Jackass. Stupid Stunts. Chocolate. My Blurty's. My room. My computer. My Cello. Shop class.
Ah yeah.
Hater Of;

Posers. Labels. Avril. Jimmy Eat World. Ex-boyfriends. Charmed. Social Studies. Being called 'Smart` by everyone. Pressure. Art class. Babysitting. Children. Spelling. Vocabulary tests. Being touched. Messy rooms. Pain.
Keep it all away.
Lyrics 'n Quotes;

`You really aren't that bright.` --Buffy
`I heard you're doing okay, but I want you to know. I'm a dick. I'm addicted to you.` -Simple Plan Addicted
`The little things, the little things, they always hang around. The little things, the little things, they try to bring me down.` -Good Charlotte Little Things
`With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac.` -Mest Cadillac
`Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend. Woah.` -Ramones
I sing it all the time, baby.


Yeah. I'll fill it up later.
Interests:98: alice in chains, all things rock, angel, annie, anti avril, ariel, bam margera, bass, benji madden, billy martin, blink 182, bondage, boxcar racer, bracelets, buffy the vampire slayer, burns, carebears, cello, chuck taylors, cookie monster, cutting, danger ehren, danny strong, dave england, david boreanaz, dawson's creek, dickies, eeyore, faith, frodo, good charlotte, green day, harry potter, hives, jack black, jack osbourne, jack white, jackass, james marsters, john mayer, johnny knoxville, johnny rotten, jonathon davis, jonathon levinson, josh hartnett, juliana theory, kermit, korn, kurt cobain, legolas, linus, lion king, lit, lord of the rings, marilyn manson, mark hoppus, merry, mest, mighty mouse, mohawks, mudvayne, new found glory, nirvana, nofx, ok go, orchestra, ozzy, patrick, piercings, pierre bouvier, pippin, preston lacy, ramones, rancid, rob zombie, ryan dunn, saves the day, sesame street, sex pistols, sid vicious, simple plan, slipknot, snape, spiderman, spongebob squarepants, static-x, strokes, sublime, sum 41, tom delonge, tom lenk, tool, transplants, travis barker, vines, wee-man, white strips, winnie the pooh
Friends:10: barbieisaslut, dark_horizon, emo_kiddo, graphic__wh0re, ic0nified, invisible_x, nonabsolute, piink_wh0re, slaymeeover, _ims0geek
Friend of:4: emo_kiddo, ic0nified, invisible_x, _ims0geek
Member of:7: freakme, icons_, icons_4_u, lay_me_out, text_me, writing, _simple_plan
Account type:Free User

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