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Below is user information for only_me_beyonce. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:u_dont_know_me (559574)
Bio:I am the maintaineer of rude_people
so you can join it. Once you do you can start posting your jokes and pictures. Your aim is to get as rude as you can!!
Interests:95: acting, action films, angel, animals, animation, art, ashanti, beyonce, books, boys, buffy the vampire slayer, clothes, clubbing, computer games, computers, dancing, david blaine, david borneaz, deaf people, destinys child, dont say a word, drawing, dvds, eve, films, fish, food, friends, gross jokes, gruesome stories, having fun, history, holidays, horror films, insults, internet, james bond, justin timberlake, kevin lyttle, little johnny jokes, magic tricks, makeup, matrix, matt damon, men, mis-teeq, mobile phones, ms dynamite, msn, mtv, mucking around, music, nelly, nelly furtado, ocean eleven, older guys, peter robinson, photography, piano, playboy, porn, reading, rnb, robbie williams, romantic films, scary movie, scary movie 2, sean connery, sean paul, sex, sex stores, shaggy, shoes, simcity, simpsons, sister act, sister act 2, sky 1, squirrels, stephen king, suicide, terminator, the exorcist, the faculty, the hitchhiker, the omen, the shining, the sims, trouble, tv, vibrators, websites, wife swap, will smith, writing
Friends:9: alonerocker, girls_not_grey, halfasleep, naked_sluts, naydzie, rude_people, sextips, thorny_teenager, thrown_away_
Friend of:4: b0ndagewh0re, naydzie, shazam0671, vengeanceismine
Member of:11: communities, communitypromo, community_ads, comm_newbie, erotic_icons, expose_yourself, naked_sluts, newfriends, rude_people, sextips, suicide_note
Account type:Free User

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