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Below is user information for Ty. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tychi278 (126230)
Website:mystic brew
AOL IM:xnotxrealx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Nickname:Ty, Tyruggles, Shiny
Best friend:right now....prolly.....Whitney
Lover:Brian, Pending.......damn 3 state difference, why did u have to move!!!!!

Im finnaly doin shit I want to do in my life. Started with the Mohawk. Now moving onto the piercings. Lol. Im a vegetarian. Finnaly, thank you kristen. Um, what else. Im a true blue gay boy. WHat else. lol. Um, Rahway High school. Yeppers.

I love Metal and Emo. Im apart of the _shake it up crew. I also like R&b, club music, dance music. I guess I like all genre's of music besides country. Ugh, what the fuck came up with that. Yes, I said what, not who.

My all time favorite band is Linkin Park. Why, there music is the shit. If people dont like them I dont care cuz I do. But oh fucking well. I loves em, lol.

That shirt isnt supposed to be blue.....grr. Damn computer.

Oh what else. IM absolutely hooked on the final fantasy game series. My fav is FFX and FFX2:Paine


And the Main Character:YUNA!

Ill put more one day...Oh, i have another blurty:

That one is updated alot more then this one. But this one is where I explode and cry. Lol. Laterz
Interests:6: aim, biking, drawing, mp3, painting, rollerblading
Friends:8: 7days, ak6719, bravebeyondcall, interdit, nickelz2289, rahwayhigh, spongebob143, wrestleforlife
Friend of:4: 7days, nickelz2289, spongebob143, xxcoolbluexx
Account type:Early Adopter

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