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User:twitterinwarhol (15381)  
Bio:Ask me! :-D
Interests:147: acrylics, ambassdors, amber benson, angelina jolie, art, art museums, artists, athames, autumn, beaches, begining, beliefs, bisexuality, black and white, blue, books, boxes, brains, buffy the vampyre slayer, candles, candy, caps, cars, cd players, cds, chants, charmed, charms, chocolates, collecting, dark skies, david beckham, death, designs, dicks, dolphins, dragons, drawing. sketching. air brush, effiel tower, ella fitzgerald, emily dickinson, english premire league, eyes, faeries, fairies, foregin languages, frida kahlo, friendships, genieve gorder, ghosts, goddess, graphics, green, guitars, halloween, handbags, handfasting, high magick, history, holly marie combs, honesty, ice cream, impressionist, impressions, interior design, italian villas, journals, kate kollwitze, leaning tower of pisa, leaves, lhp, life, lighters, lips, love, love making, loyalty, magazines hats, magick, manchester united, mary cassatt, melanie c. toni braxton, men, mls, money, movies, mp3, music, mythology, nature magick, news, oils, paints, paris, pastels, patterns, pens, perverts dorthea lange, phobias, photography, pianos, pixies, pizza, pleasure, poetry, potions, radios, reading, renassiance festivals, rings, rituals, rocks, romeo james beckham, russling winds, sacred texts, sand, sea horses, seafaeries, secrets, sex, singing, smells, sonya wagler, spells, spice girls, strings, teddy bears, the spice girls, thoughts, trading spaces, travel, trunks, understanding, vampyres, victoria beckahm, vocing opinons, vodoo, volins, watches, water, watercolors, wicked people, winne the pooh, winter, wishing, witches, writing
Friends:3: artist_colony, leilanilovesyou, sextips
Friend of:2: eluthia, leilanilovesyou
Member of:4: artist_colony, charmed, sextips, tradingspaces
Account type:Early Adopter

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