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Below is user information for Laura. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:twentythree (139921)
Bio:Will you be my friend? :)

i'm on the street team:

Interests:150: academic support, adam lamberg, alkaline trio, angel dumott schunard, antagonizing jim, anthony rapp, art, atheism, band, being a loser, being a techie, ben folds five, bingo!, black nail polish, blaming myself, bohemia, boy meets world, boys, boys with blue hair, boys with glasses, brand new, brandon boyd, bread, brigadoon, buying your love, caramel, cds, cheese, cheesecake, chicago, chicken, childrens books, chocolate, coloring, comfortable positions, composition, conjunction junction, contrabass instruments, conversations, cows, crayons, dashboard confessional, david 'gordo' gordon, daydreaming, deathcab for cutie, djembes, dreams, drums, ducks, easy cheese, english horn, eyes, fire, flirting, friends, gordo, grand pianos, hanging out, harassing people, having an extra shoelace, hgih evif!, hot cocoa, hugs, icy tower, incubus, iron chef, jack and karen, jack mcfarland, jeffy the jew bear, jewish people, jimmy eat world, just jack, kids in the hall, la vie boheme, lemonade, lights out, love, madonna, mallet instruments, marching band, mark cohen, men in kilts, moulin rouge, movies, mr. filio, mr. nice, music, music theory, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, new york city, noodles, oasis, oboe, obsessive behavior, orange air heads, organs, pan pizza, pants, pedro the lion, percussion, piano, pillows, pit, powerpuff girls, price is right, queen, queer duck, ragtime, ramen noodle soup, rent, richard o'brien, rocky horror picture show, roger davis, rosewood marimbas, sharpies, simon & garfunkle, singing, sleeping, sleepovers, something corporate, squeegie man, stage crew, starbucks, starburst, stealing white board markers, stuff, sugarcult, sweet charity, taking back sunday, taking pictures, the color game, the early november, the frug, the giraffe scale, the new amsterdams, the promise ring, the simpsons, the sims, the virgin suicides, the wee squirrel, the wood eater saw, time warp, upright pianos, vans, vibes, white grand pianos, will & grace, writing, yellow flats
Friends:12: aubrytoashes, awarmplace, iamdarkpoetry, im_super, lady_godiva, light_the_sky, marejaney, ramshackle, sepherus, slinkstercool, thetruecoolkids, toocoolforyou
Friend of:8: aubrytoashes, awarmplace, iamdarkpoetry, lady_godiva, light_the_sky, marejaney, sepherus, slinkstercool
Member of:2: im_super, toocoolforyou
Account type:Early Adopter

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