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User:tsumi_to_batsu (173311)
Name:Dr. Kyo
Website:Miwaku no Rooma
Location:Ontario, Canada
AOL IM:xenocideish (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:shiroi_mashu (Add User, Send Message)

I am EM. This is my Blurty, that I use only for posting AIM conversations o_o Go to my lj if you're really interested in my boring journals. o_O


I claimed Hikaru, bassist of Vizell @ claimabassist!

<3 Nil (exit_enter)
Interests:123: achilles, aliene ma'riage, aliza marie, androgyny, anime, art, as'real, asia, astronomy, ayumi hamasaki, bass, bassists, cellists, cello, children of the mind, chobits, chrono cross, chrono trigger, d'elsquel, dashboard confessional, denis leary, despairsray, dir en grey, due le quartz, emmuree, emo, ender wiggin saga, ender's game, ender's shadow, europe, eze:qul, fanfiction, fiction, final fantasty vii, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy x, france, french, from autumn to ashes, gackt, galruda, gullet, harry potter, hide, indie rock, indies, isshi, j rock, j-rock, jack off jill, japan, japanese, jessicka, jimmy eat world, jorane, jrock, kagerou, kagrra, kana, key party, korn, kra, kyo, la:sadie's, linkin park, luci'fer luscious violenoue, madeth gray'll, malice mizer, mana, manga, matina, matina eternal, matina storm, merii, midi-nette, miyavi, moi dix mois, most extreme elimination challenge, mxc, nine days, noir fleurir, orson scott card, orugo-ru, our lady peace, plain white t's, ps company, rasputina, resident evil, royal canadian air farce, sarii, scarling, schellen, schwarz stein, serial experiments lain, shadow of the hegemon, shadow puppets, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, silver ash, silver wing, speaker for the dead, star ocean 2, the matrix, the white stripes, tony project, toshiya, tsuki no kakera, under code production, valkyrie profile, velvet eden, vidoll, vidooru, visual kei, visual rock, vizell, writing, xenocide, yaoi, yuri, zilch
Friends:5: chise, exit_enter, jrock_theater, let_me_free, soushitsu
Friend of:4: chise, exit_enter, iglompthekaoru, soushitsu
Member of:3: blurty_marriage, claimabassist, jrock_theater
Account type:Early Adopter

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