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User:trumpitjesus (38588)
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:Peter Sellers once said:

"There are some things in life that are so horrible that we refuse to face them, except by comedy. To say something is unsuitable for comedy is to admit defeat"

That's how I view my life. If I can't laugh at it, I might as well give up. I've had good, and I've had bad. But I think I'll just laugh at the bad from now on.

I imagine things aren't that much different for me then most others my age that live in a similar society. But I'd like to think they are.

Up until recently I was bent on making a career in music. I even packed my bags and moved up to boston and got myself into Berklee College of Music. Now I'm not so sure, heh.

So back to Jersey I will head to look into acting and game design. And from there, who knows. There's a good chance I'll wind up in Boston again back at Berklee.

But one things for sure, music will always play a big role in my life.

But most of my time is spent trying to come to peace within myself and my enviroment. In that sense I'm a very big introvert. But I like it like that.
Interests:14: bass, dream theater, drums, fusion, guitar, incubus, jam bands, miles davis, movies, music, piano, sax, steve vai, videogames
Friends:2: butterflygurl, trojengurl7
Friend of:1: trojengurl7
Account type:Early Adopter

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