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Below is user information for NuMbER 1# XtInA FaN. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:truelyurangel82 (93180)
Name:NuMbER 1# XtInA FaN
Location:Columbus (home)School (Kent-KSU), Ohio, United States
AOL IM:TruelyURAnGel82 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Tiffany and i am a college student at Kent state University in Ohio. I luv music, shopping, working out, traveling, writing and reading. Overall I would have to say my favorite interest is MUSIC. I luv all sorts of music except COUNTRY and METAL.

My dislikes are rude people, druggies, alcoholics, racists and sluts.

Interests:150: 2 pac, 3 doors down, 311, aaliyah, air, alanis morrisette, alice in chains, alicia keys, amerie, anna nicole smith, audioslave, ben folds five, beyonce, bob marley, bone thugs n harmony, boyz 2 men, brandy, bush, busta rhymes, cherokee indian, christina aguilera, coldplay, comedy, craig david, creed, cultures, dance music, dancing, daniel johns, deftones, delias, diarys, disturbed, dj encore, driving, dvds, eminem, everclear, exercising, finch, fiona apple, foo fighters, food, fuel, general hospital, glassjaw, green day, guys, hoobastank, house of pain, incubus, jaheim, jam master j, janet jackson, jay z, justin timberlake, kayne west, korn, kurt cobain, kylie minogue, lazurus, led zeppelin, lenny kravitz, lil jon, linkin park, ludacris, madonna, magazines, mariah carey, marques houston, mary j blidge, misse elliot, movies, mp3s, nappy roots, nas, neptunes, nine inch nails, nirvana, nissan altima, no doubt, notorious big, offspring, outkast, pearl jam, perfumes, pharell williams, pink, pink floyd, pod, poe, politics, pop music, posters, queen latifah, rap music, real world, red hot chili peppers, reggae music, rhythm and blues, romance, rooney, sade, santana, scott weiland, sean paul, seether, shakira, shopping, silverchair, sincere people, skating, smashing pumpkins, snoop dog, socialburn, soundgarden, south park, sparta, staind, stone sour, stone temple pilots, story of the year, sublime, sum 41, system of the down, tank tops, taproot, the ataris, the clipse, the fugees, the used, the vines, thursday, timbaland, tlc, toni braxton, tori amos, trapt, twista, tyrese, tyson beckford, usher, vanessa carlton, victorias secrets, wet seal, women rights, writing, wu tang clan, zero 7, zwan
Friends:33: abadun, addme, alicen1derland, apple_addicts, azure_sky, bbkitty, bitcherz, blinded_anomie, blurtymakeovers, butterflykizzez, claire0502, cobain_x_mortis, courtney_did_it, dimhalo, dreamseeker, jaisonb, joshnjess7688, kewpie, kosmickitten00, lonelygirl, m0nstergirl, newfriends, nicksgrlntheusa, olpcarnival, pixistixs, punkjess18, saturdaynight, shanalee, superhatepro, sweetcherrys, tastethekilljoy, vixenspice3, _zero_trouble_
Friend of:46: abadun, baberzz, benji_luvs_tony, blinded_anomie, branten, butterfly627, butterflykizzez, claire0502, cobain_x_mortis, coco4001, condescend, dimhalo, dramatized0, dreamseeker, extroverted, gunsarefun, heart_of_glass, jaisonb, joshnjess7688, killmelater, legallyblonde03, lonelygirl, m0nstergirl, matt_, motiv, olpcarnival, pimpette_twist_, pixistixs, prettyprincesss, punkcliche, punkjess18, rougekisses, sexkitten, shanalee, silver_angel21, startxstatic, studd, superhatepro, sweetcherrys, tonedogg, tsunamibomberx, t_a_t_u, ulyaoth, victorias_sighs, vixenspice3, wickedvixen
Member of:4: apple_addicts, blurtymakeovers, courtney_did_it, newfriends
Account type:Early Adopter

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